5 month old lab/collie puppy ate leftover Christmas cake...

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Jenski Mon 31-Dec-12 09:06:07

He climbed on to the dining room table and stole it (it was in a cardboard box which he less than carefully removed first) - will he be ok?

I have given him breakfast, in the hope it will mix it up!

take him to the vet.

Jenski Mon 31-Dec-12 09:12:52

What will the vet actually do though?

DozyDuck Mon 31-Dec-12 09:14:47

He might need to go on a drip

there are some vets on here, hopefully one will notice this soon, I think they will make him sick but I am not saying this from any actual knowledge, just what I have read on here.

Dozysanta Mon 31-Dec-12 09:15:54

Sorry cannot name change back to proper post. Depends how long ago puppy ate the cake raisins and grapes are highly poisonous. You will have others on here saying it is ok but no true vet, if in time they will stomach pump them. Call now. Bro is a vet had to do same to his own dog. Good luck

Jenski Mon 31-Dec-12 09:16:23

I wonder if there is any way I can make him sick? I thought a trip in the car might do it as he gets car sick!

Cuebill Mon 31-Dec-12 09:16:47

It is was a traditional fruit cake take him to the vets - if it was a chocolate cake take to the vet.

The vet will work out the ingredients to the dogs body weight and if necessary make the dog sick

Raisins, dried fruit is highly toxic to dogs as is chocolate.

Contact the vet

Dozysanta Mon 31-Dec-12 09:17:10

He needs to be seen op

Jenski Mon 31-Dec-12 09:17:22

Ok thanks Dozy - think this morning 8ish.

Morrisons advert showing family dog being fed Christmas pudding 'may be deadly'

Supermarket's new advert shows a child feeding the dessert to a dog
Vets warn dried fruit in Christmas pudding could cause acute renal failure and death in dogs
Pet owners urged not to feed their animals raisins, sultanas, dates, grapes, onion, raw green potato, turkey (or any other) bones and chocolate

‘The bottom line is that dried fruits are very, very toxic and they could end up costing you your dog’s life.’
Thats from an article I just googled.

MrsWolowitz Mon 31-Dec-12 09:19:21

This might help. It's a bit of a crappy link but afaik the information is good re raisins.

Call the vets for advice.

QuickLookBusy Mon 31-Dec-12 09:21:58

Phone vets now.

readysteady Mon 31-Dec-12 09:31:12

It may be too long to make a difference now but try and make dog sick before you go to vet! A teaspoon on liquid mustard powder will do it down back of throat

ClaimedByMe Mon 31-Dec-12 09:53:49

Why are dogs not allowed turkey? I fed mine turkey one Xmas day, oops!

It's cooked bones, turkey or any other kind, that are lethal.

ClaimedByMe Mon 31-Dec-12 10:20:24

Oh phew, it wasn't bones, I wouldn't give her bones, it was pure turkey breast she had!

Op hope your dog is ok.

1MitchellMum Mon 31-Dec-12 12:35:15

Get to the vet urgently. Some dogs survive, others don't. The symptoms don't always appear until it's too late. Good luck, hope a full recovery is made.

hope everything is ok op

Hope your dog is ok. Mine ate a 100g bar of dark chocolate last week and had to be given an emetic, charcoal suspension and put on a drip. Ring your vet.

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