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13 yr old (not) revising for exams. What do you do?

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DopamineHit Fri 22-Feb-13 10:54:42

Our older DD is a very bright girl, works hard, revises hard, does her best. 13 yo DS appears (in contrast at least) utterly unmotivated. Has exams coming up in March and then another lot in May/June.

Coming to end of HT week when he should have been revising. He won't do any revision at all unless he's absolutely forced to. Unless someone is physically sitting with him going through the work with him he simply won't do any. It's exhausting (but tbf mainly for DW who does 80% of it). Feels like we're back at school - thought we'd done all that.

Tried being nice parent / nasty parent - nothing seems to work. What do we do? Just let him flunk? He won't care. He is absolutely not an unpleasant boy - he's polite, good natured, kind, has a nice bunch of friends. He's averagely bright - mostly in middle sets at school. Just won't do a damn thing unless you nail him to the desk and watch him like a hawk.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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