Organiser Handbag Recommendations Needed

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matthew2002smum Sat 17-Nov-12 18:47:53

Another option is if you see a bag you like to get an organiser insert that you put into a bag and you can just move it from one bag to another? I got a dead cheap one in primark last year.

Wolfcub Sat 17-Nov-12 09:44:43

Ok I need help.

Three years ago on a mumsnet recommendation I bought a Jen Groover Butler Bag. I have used it and loved it every day. It was not beautiful but it made my life better. The bag is no more and the leather ones are no longer sold in the UK.

Recognising my great distress and complete dissatisfaction with less organised handbags DH has offered to buy me one for christmas.

Budget would be about 100. I saw Red Dog Bags on Zulilly the other day and loved them but DH didn't have the funds to buy one at the time.

Please give me your recommendations for nice organiser handbags. Preferably leather. Need to be relatively large to fit my Quo Vadis Tri Note diary in, also have huge CK purse that would need to fit too.

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