Eddie Mair fans - did you listen tonight?

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Hassled Wed 29-Feb-12 20:07:46

Did the man get on the bus to Swansea? I need to know.

Trac3va Sat 22-Jun-13 16:28:24

I have started a "I Love Eddie Mair" group in Facebook and wanted to invite all of you.

I have included links to the Swansea Man who Caught a Bus and it's follow up interview, with The Lovely Eddie, which is even more beautiful.



Hassled Fri 21-Dec-12 19:58:17

Yes - Eddie is great. Nice to know someone else enjoyed it smile

BoreOfWhabylon Fri 21-Dec-12 18:22:25

Oh, it was lovely, wasn't it, Hassled - am going to listen again on iPlayer.

I do adore Eddie, he is so warm and kind but can really kick ass too when he has to.

Hassled Fri 21-Dec-12 18:19:21

Bumping this after many months because - if you missed Eddie Mair tonight, he went to meet the man who got on the bus to Swansea (some sort of "where are they now?" feature).

And the man was as sweet and lovely as ever - he's doing well; he hasn't ventured further than Swansea but he's moved beyond the bus station. He cursed himself for sounding "too bloody Welsh" in his original phone call - I just love him grin. And Eddie was as nice as ever. Iplayer it!

NetworkGuy Tue 19-Jun-12 00:03:53

We must have been looking at very different message boards then, TSG, as I found there to be many different people posting and lots of topics (admittedly I mostly used/viewed boards related to Radio 4).

The Guardian claimed that the Woman's Hour board was closed because it was little used (the opposite was the case, as per > posting about closure < )

I tended to post on > "The Choice is Yours" < and while there were a few issues which came up from time to time (eg BBC reporting of situation in Palestine) I think there was a wide variety included, and while there was the odd characted who might "bang on" now and then, it didn't (IMHO) detract from the usability of that board

NetworkGuy I have to disagree with you about why the BBC message boards were closed. A lot were not used and those that were had a small number of people banging on about the same things over and over and over again. It just wasn't a lively discussion forum, so of no benefit to anyone except the handful of people who got to bang on about their same pet hate repeatedly.

Eddie Mair is a fantastic broadcaster though, whether or not you agree with what PM has become.

NetworkGuy Sun 17-Jun-12 01:14:36

Oh, just remembered... there was Richard Bacon on from 2200-0100 some time ago (Tony Livesey and Stephen Nolan seem more pleasant)...

Oh and Dotun on Up All Night if he gets onto books, or music, or gets talking to some foreign correspondents, when he can really put his foot in his mouth by stating as "facts" things which they then explain are not the case in RL...

NetworkGuy Sun 17-Jun-12 01:07:53

on the BBC, a few of the Scots have been more noticeable to me, is all...

I knew it might provoke some question, but feel free to come up with any examples where you've found someone to have a big ego...

Pan Sun 17-Jun-12 00:59:54

just the 'Scots' then NG? All the other nationalities are fine?

NetworkGuy Sun 17-Jun-12 00:42:24

Have to agree with R4 insofar as EM and the team have gone off on tangents of their own making. Think Twitter (yuk!) and Facebook have a lot to answer for, as the BBC (by allowing broadcasters to adopt these commercial services - what happened to the 'no advertising' policy?) have effectively chosen to exclude some of their older listeners, non-internet listeners, and those who (for whatever reason) prefer not to use those services.

It's how iPM got started, as EM and team would choose some random subject and encourage feedback via such sites, perhaps knowing it may appeal to some of the younger (ie under 35) listeners, and may mean less staff at the BBC end to handle the incoming messages - no answering phones and transcribing what comments are made... (let's not forget that several of the BBC MessageBoards were closed because they demand full moderation and even if they had limited opening hours, they were costing the BBC money - clearly the dimwits have never considered 'self moderation' and having a few paid staffers and a lot of volunteers - it's how many other message board services are available 24x7 and don't run into major legal issues).

I know I would never have "cut it" as a journalist / radio broadcaster, but have to say there are times when I think a few of the Scots who are on the BBC appear a bit 'full of themselves'... EM and Nicky Campbell spring to mind, though EM only a fraction of the time, NC almost any time he is on radio or TV has me hunting for something better to enjoy on any other service.

kittyandthefontanelles Thu 17-May-12 03:41:36

I've loved Eddie for 12years. Hands off, he's mine. Ooh, that voice. He makes me cry laughing.

Ponders Sun 04-Mar-12 18:47:40

tattoo parlour on POTW right now grin

Ponders Sun 04-Mar-12 18:28:29

define current affairs, R4 grin

IMO they do all the things you put in quotes - just not "news" to the exclusion of real life

R4 Sun 04-Mar-12 18:22:12

From the BBC website, it says that PM is an "afternoon news and current affairs programme, reporting on breaking stories and summing up the day's headlines" or "full coverage and analysis of the day's news."
Both descriptions mention reacting to events. They don't mention presenters going off on a ego trip inventing topics for discussionhmm. EM is going to end up in cutesy Martyn-Lewis-and-his-cats territory if he's not careful.

MrsWembley Sat 03-Mar-12 01:06:42

R4 <pokes out tongue and blows raspberry>

Today is 'flagship news'; PM is a magazine programme. I shout at the radio in the morning. I nod and smile and hoot with laughter at the radio at tea-time.

NigellaLawless Fri 02-Mar-12 23:02:43

I am soooooooooo excited to find this thread. I heart Eddie Mair and miss him so much these days.

I used to love listening to him on my drive home but now I'm on maternity leave I don't get to listen - 5pm is DS's grumpy hour and nothing but full eye contact and loud nursery rhymes will do confused

Is it wrong to look forward to going back to work so I can be reunited with EM?

FunnysInTheGarden Fri 02-Mar-12 23:00:31

TheHon I am with you. Today makes me listen to Jersey 103 in the am. This is obv a case of R4 dumbing down just for us types grin

It's not flagship news - there's a full news programme straight afterwards!

TheHonMrsP Fri 02-Mar-12 22:50:37

Today = heavy, boring, makes me listen to Heart FM
PM = fabulous, amusing, informative

Ponders Fri 02-Mar-12 22:43:17

most of the people who bother to contact Feedback are PITAs

PM is not a "flagship news programme" - it's a newsy magazine programme, & provides that service very well.

(IMHO of course. but anyone who thinks otherwise can...ahem...)

FunnysInTheGarden Fri 02-Mar-12 22:32:58

Oh Boo R4 don't be such a sour puss. EM is just the right mix. The Today Programme is enough if you want serious news

R4 Fri 02-Mar-12 22:23:29

I'm not in the EM fanclub, I'm afraid. He is in danger of turning a flagship news programme into lite entertainment. I'm not alone: he and/or his lack of editor got some grumbles on Feedback today.

MrsWembley Fri 02-Mar-12 19:03:56

You are allowed to like Pesto, just not in public...

HidingInTheUndergrowth Fri 02-Mar-12 11:09:01

Gosh, it's an mn Eddie Mair fan club! Can we have badges? grin

I also think he is super. So nice when needed but he doesn't take any nonsense either. The perfect balance.

Though this is a bit controversial I also really like Robert Peston, but then I am a radio 4 slattern grin

SydneyS Thu 01-Mar-12 20:45:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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