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High frequency words, reading in Y1

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Minimaxkids Wed 14-Nov-12 18:36:07

My DD has a word book where new words are added weekly to learn by sight.
It's an old list of words which I have seen linked to on here before. There were 44 words in YR and another 113 words Y1&2

She gets 6 or so words a week to learn. But she doesn't need to learn them, she is just reading them. It all seems a bit pointless and the word book, if it is a sight book (clearly defined by teacher in front), shouldn't it contain words to learn not read? (I know that sounds all muddled up).

My question is, what sort of words follow on in years 3 and 4 as she has now 'read' all the YR, 1 & 2 words?

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