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18 weeks and frettin myself about incompetent cervix pls help

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spandau1980 Fri 07-Sep-12 17:03:11

Dear all
basically iv had three d n c procedures and am currently pregnant yay and its made it past the first trimester!
Prior to the d n cs i had one twin pregnancy to term and one singleton to term now 11 yrs and 8 yrs!
But Im so stressed that the dnc s will have messed up my cervix and now am in the danger zone for that i c rearing its head Im soooo stressed!
Iv had a bit of pain and abdomen pressure for couple weeks but doc midwife ect fob off my concerns and day Im at no risk of i c!
Anyone have any advice.. reassuring stories ect xx thank xx

Mummytono2 Sun 11-May-14 13:06:21

Anyone have any updates on how spandau1980 got on?

No it seems in our area they don't measure it unless you don't have the stitch and go for the wait and see approach instead.

Not all of them can do it apparently and I had a trainee sonographer just to top it all off!

spandau1980 Sun 07-Oct-12 21:06:24

Didn't you ask? Is it not on your notes?!
Ring and find out another 7 weeks ll do your head in not knowing xx


I had mine and all they would say was that there is no sign of funnelling. Still don't know the cervical length and don't see the consultant again until 27 weeks!

spandau1980 Tue 25-Sep-12 20:04:18

Had my scan all good.. and a GIRL smile))
Cervix was 45mm so its gone up?!
Is that normal ?!

spandau1980 Thu 20-Sep-12 18:13:26

Mines Tuesday.. iv been having pressure and stuff and just want my scan now! Just been so worried probably me all hyper sensitive to every wiggle.
Plus been trotting for a wee every thirty seconds but been tested and tested for uti but keeps coming back normal... should be relieved but worrying its baby pushing out... dafft aren't i sad

InchyInchy Thu 20-Sep-12 17:09:01

Meant to add my 20 week scan is not until next Thursday and it feels like a lifetime away as well when you just want to know that everything is ok in there with the little baby.

InchyInchy Thu 20-Sep-12 17:07:45

Why? I hope you're ok!

spandau1980 Thu 20-Sep-12 16:50:50

My scan seems a lifetime away sad

spandau1980 Tue 18-Sep-12 18:41:22

Having a panic today sad

spandau1980 Sat 15-Sep-12 13:41:08

Hi moomins ... glad its doing what it should do ! 1st Oct cool im ticking off on my calendar my scan date are they gonna check for you then ?

Angelico .. . its a nightmare when u get somat in your head and they fob u off!
Where'd you have ur scans?

Angelico Sat 15-Sep-12 12:49:14

Spandau really sorry to hear you are so worried. I had no procedures on cervix but did have unexplained pelvic pressure from about 14 weeks on and was petrified of IC. Also had some spotting around the 16-22 week mark.

In the end I was looking into getting a private scan as NHS would not do a transvaginal scan in spite of several trips to gynae. Just kept doing speculum exams hmm In the end I went for private AN care and consultant was able to measure my cervix with a normal US. He did it 3 times for me and measurement was always around 3.7 - anything 3+ is a good measurement. It took all the stress out of my pregnancy so if you feel like you need another one find the money wherever you can, even if you wait a few weeks. You'll find that once you get to post 24 weeks you'll probably relax a bit anyway.

Hope all goes well for you thanks

Yeah only because I was panicking about it. They can't tell if it's shortening or funnelling by looking at it but the position was good.

Mines the 1st of oct

I had a gender scan at 16 weeks and it's a boy!

spandau1980 Fri 14-Sep-12 21:25:53

I take it she s checking that because of ur stitch? My mw checks my blood pressure and that's about it!
We ll have to compare scans lol when's yours? Mines 25th x

20 week scan!

No looks like I'll have to wait untill the 30 week scan. I was quizzing the mw as last time my cervix was really close to the front and facing fwd, this time it's really far back and facing back wards.

She said it should be further back and tilted backwards, so it's doing what it should be, fingers crossed

spandau1980 Fri 14-Sep-12 18:59:09

Thanks moomins ... did u get ur nhs scan??
Why did she say your cervix is far back? Was that ti do with discharge? Cheers x

It could just be normal increase in discharge which happens at certain stages in pg, mines increased at the moment but the mw has checked my cervix and it's still really far back. Ring the mw if you are worried x

spandau1980 Fri 14-Sep-12 16:05:03

Yikes having a small amount of clear ish jelly type discharge... is this something to be concerned about? Noticed after straining to go toilet (tmi sorry )

jellybeans Wed 12-Sep-12 13:32:23

That is great you have one Spandau well done for pushing for it. Also hope you get one Moomin. I had one scan done after the stitch was in about 22 weeks. They said they didn't do them after 24 weeks as if the stitch failed after that the baby would be born and have a chance. But can't see why they won't offer you one. Wish you both very healthy pregnancies and babies smile

spandau1980 Wed 12-Sep-12 12:55:38

Its same distance for me sad
Yes kick off! Let me know wats said x

No it's about an hour and 30 mins away. I see my mw tomorrow and will have another go at trying to get one with the nhs

spandau1980 Wed 12-Sep-12 11:06:16

Aw thanks ladies Xx
we went to solihull ..mums clinic very good there. not many places do the proper scan. i harassed my mw in tears and demanded they scan at my 20weeks one on 25th for cervical length.. she tried to fob me off but i got one! Ill let ya know when iv been smile
That's nhs
ill re visit mums again if need be despite money travel as its my mental state that i have to think about too and being pro active has helped ...
Is solihull to far from u moomins ? Xx

jellybeans Wed 12-Sep-12 10:46:19

Mine was always about 2.4. Even with the stitch in it stayed the same. They did see funneling on the 20 week scan but you may have to mention it as they were looking for it with me. After that had to see a specialist consultant who scanned me the week after and things had got worse hence emergency stitch. Glad all seems to be going well and you are looking out for it which means if they do find it you can have treatment. Unfortunately IC usually strikes people who have no idea and so don't suspect it, ask about it at scans etc. they told me they don't check routinely. So as long as you make sure they check you should be absolutely fine.

That sounds really good, I think the average in the 2nd trimester is between 2-3.

Are you booked in for a 20 week scan with the nhs? If there is any problem, shortening, funnelling they will pick up on it.

Don't suppose you are any where near Nottingham? We haven't found anywhere that offer a private cervical scan.

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