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Stretch Mark Cream: What works (or waste of money)??

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Cupcake83 Fri 27-Jan-12 11:58:10

Ok so I am pregnant with #1, about 9 weeks or so according to Dr Google.

In a vain attempt to prevent stretch marks I have been lathering Bio Oil and Palmers cocoa butter (not together) all over my boobs, back, hips and tum for a while and wanted to see what others are using/have used in the past and most importantly if they are any good smile

I'm aware that regardless of what I smother myself in I may still end up with stretch marks - but at least I tried right???

angryscousebird Sun 08-May-16 20:51:26

I used this one www.moltonbrown.co.uk/store/bath-body/body-lotion-cream/white-sandalwood-nourishing-body-lotion/KBT046/

No stretch marks and went from 22 inch waist to 52 inch waist!

Didn't use it with the dd and covered in them!

Ellarose85 Sun 08-May-16 20:30:09


babyboybump91 Sun 08-May-16 19:00:54

I have tried everything from coconut oil to bapanthen stretch mark cream and most natural remedies.. still managed to end up with stretch marks, the only one i have found that makes a difference was forever livings alpha-e factor luckily a friend told me about it at 18 weeks before they got to bad. im now 22 and i haven't had anymore! and the ones i do have have faded loads! think this will be my new best friend throughout pregnancy. its also lovely for your face and sore cracked feet so thats an added bonus!.

some info below if anyone would like to have a gander.


good luck

LenaShcherbak Sun 24-Apr-16 15:23:10

I got Dermalmd Stretch Mark Cream for my daughter who is starting to develop stretch marks from growing. It's working great and the redness is fading.

sizethree Mon 12-Oct-15 09:47:01

Drinking loads of water and staying super hydrated has helped ward off mine I think.mim prone to dry skin and eczema and I've just been sticking to diprobase cream as it's got a good viscosity without overloading the skin.
37 weeks and no marks (yet!)

ALR123 Mon 12-Oct-15 08:14:19

I'm naturally slim but got tons of stretchmarks in puberty so I wasn't holding out any hope with pregnancy as I know my skin is just not very stretchy! Have used bio oil and cocoa butter every day and yesterday noticed (at 27 weeks pregnant) they're starting to appear down the outside of my legs already. Grrr angry

Orangeisthenewbanana Mon 12-Oct-15 07:36:31

I used Cusson's Mum&Me Bump stretch mark cream while pregnant with DD and again while pregnant with DC2 (currently 33 weeks). No stretch marks yet. However I do agree that although keeping your skin supple certainly can't hurt, I don't really think you can totally prevent them if they're going to happen. It's more blind luck (and genetics).

helenpoon83 Mon 12-Oct-15 07:31:39

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Elenashephard Thu 14-Nov-13 10:06:28

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Cariad007 Tue 08-Oct-13 17:53:58

I've read that if you're going to get stretch marks you're going to get them, and all the creams and oils in the world won't help. Having said that, I'm still willing to try a few preventative measures! I've just been sticking with Palmer's Cocoa Butter. They also market a special stretch mark cream but I've had a look at the ingredient list on that and it isn't any different to their regular cocoa butter lotion, although twice the price!

Bodicea Tue 08-Oct-13 17:04:39

I used bio oil at first but then fell in love with the mamamio tummy rub oil. It smells an feels lovely and I did get a comment off the midwife on my "lovely skin" which is stretch mark free at 35 weeks - it does feel nice and soft which considering I get excema is an achievement.
I also take fish oils every day - efalex, mum omega or pregnacare - whatever is on offer and think that that could be a factor in it too.

BurbGirl2013 Tue 08-Oct-13 15:14:14

Cowshed- Udderly Gorgeous Stretchmark balm in big round pot.

Amazing!! Am 32 weeks and it will last me despite lathering it on every night. So far- massive bump & not 1 stretch mark. Its gorgeous texture and smells amazing...as my mums says- people say creams might not work but it's like oiling old leather, it can only help keep it taut & smooth!

If a friend gets pg will def buy this as a gift.

Solasum Tue 08-Oct-13 14:51:09

Just to say that Primark (at least both the ones I have been to in London) had loads of BioOil last weekend around the till and in the random bits section (where they have water bottles, gloves etc.) for only £6 for 200ml.

Worth a try if you are a fan and don't want to pay the RRP of £20.

comfyonesie2 Tue 08-Oct-13 14:15:04

Someone told me exfoliating can help as it helps to stimulate collagen production. I scrub daily with one of those rough sponge-things & use Palmers cream. Worked in my 2 previous pregnancies so fingers crossed this time too! Probably there is a genetic factor, but I got stretch marks on my hips, boobsand legs during puberty, so I like to think I'm doing something right to avoid them in pregnancy grin

SkinOverhaul Tue 08-Oct-13 09:44:46

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frankiepoppet Fri 15-Mar-13 15:37:01

Unfortunately, it doesn't really matter if no woman ever in your family had stretch marks during pregnancy. It's your body that determines it.

My mum didn't have a single stretch mark during all three of her pregnancies and didn't use a drop of cream or oil (bare in mind her youngest is 20 yrs old and oldest is 26 yrs old so all these potions weren't around then)
However, I am 31weeks pregnant and only just started getting stretch marks and I use cream and oils everyday. I also don't really have a huge bump, it is small and round and I haven't put on any weight.

It is just one of those things. I will continue to use cream and oils for the rest of my pregnancy to minimise the amount of stretch marks but you just have to accept that it is highly likely you will develop stretch marks probably in the last half of your pregnancy.

Ivvu6 Tue 05-Feb-13 16:32:43

I´m 38 weeks and have been using Palmer Strech Mark cream in the mornings and Boots own Stretch Mark Oli in the evenings. Its much cheaper than bio oil and does the same job( got no stretch marks yet)

catladycourtney1 Tue 05-Feb-13 11:14:03

Based on a vague knowledge of how bodies work, I would say that no cream or oil will prevent stretch marks if you're genetically pre-disposed to get them, and so if your close relatives have them, spending loads of money on lotions and potions will be a waste of money. However, using a good-quality moisturiser certainly can't hurt, and will help with the itchiness and dryness.

Your best bet is to drink lots and lots of water, and to eat plenty of vitamin and mineral-rich foods and healthy fats. But bear in mind that this will work better if you've been doing it all your life, rather than starting during pregnancy, and it also won't prevent them completely in everyone. Some people will get them no matter what they do, and some people never get them at all.

It's also worth mentioning that if you already have them, you're likely to get more (because the skin in that area is already stretched past its limit), and things like being overweight can make them more likely, because your skin is already stretched more than that of someone who isn't.

sundaesundae Tue 05-Feb-13 10:58:05

I'm using nothing, not even moisturising and don't eat fish, I have none yet, 33+4

redandyellowandpinkandgreen Tue 05-Feb-13 10:43:14

I got none which may have been luck but I used Burt Bees mama bee oil and I'm going to buy it again this time. I also ate a lot of nuts and seeds and oily fish and I think that may be the key.

Oh, also OP - don't forget to cream your bum!! My mum never did hers, thinking it was unaffected, and it's the only place she got them post pregnancy!!

Using cocoa butter once or twice a day, now huge at 35 weeks and got no stretch marks in sight! Good for me as I already had a few previous stretch marks from when I lost lots of weight as a teenager, so knew I was prone to them.

Still got a few weeks to go til I can be sure though!!

Looandoscar Tue 05-Feb-13 07:17:13

I think some people just get them and others don't. My friend bought me a pregnancy oil from a brand called Neom, and I used it all the time, i thought it was fab. It worked for me and smelt lovely - highly recommend it. Think it was called Cocoon oil but they do other ones too which I fancy trying.

leannac Fri 28-Dec-12 19:53:57

I'd say waste of money. I religiously lathered on bio oil in my 1st pregnancy & was very pleased as a result I didn't get any stretch Marks. I'm now 32wks with 2nd, have only put any kind of lotion or oil on once in past 32 weeks & not a stretch mark in sight. Plus I'm HUGE. I think it must be just genetics. As must the fact that my arse immediately doubles in size the second I am pregnant!

pamperedtobits Fri 28-Dec-12 17:32:41

Waste of money - cocoa butter, bio oil.
Well worth the money - mummies with tummies oil, skinception argan oil

I am having my third baby and am desperate to avoid more stretch marks. Stupidly I used bio-oil and cocoa butter for the first two pregnancies. I currently use mummies with tummies due to it being cheaper than skinception. It also slightly edges it out since it is not as greasy and has a nicer aroma. Both are excellent though and I would strongly recommend any one of them if you want to avoid stretch marks.

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