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Disney to change the image of Merida from the movie Brave!

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Why do they feel the need to sexualise her? I was very happy to see a modern princess. One that broke the mould. Now they have made her look like all the others with an unachievable image. What kind of message is that sending to children?

Yes, Merida was and awesome princess, but she wasn't good enough in the looks department. This is how you should look, kids! hmm

Pics and more info on the link!

Tried to sign but can't on my phone unfortunately. I really appreciate merida as an alt princess who does something, has talents other than singing a pretty ditty, cooking and cleaning.
She seems more accessible and the message is not find a man, but build your own fortune and make your own life. Not related to looks. She is not the most beautiful in the land, men are not falling over her, I thought that was the point?

iMum Tue 14-May-13 17:16:38

Super sad my sons love this film andninsuspect primarily as Merida is a very much more realistic character, appealing to boys and girls.
Disney are crazy sad

pregnant those were my thoughts exactly!

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