Present ideas for children's parties

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Dd1 has quite a few parties coming up, having been invited by friends in her pre school class. They're turning 3 this year. Obviously I don't know these children yet, so I wonder if people have ideas for presents to take? I'm thinking maybe a book or game/jigsaw would go down well, as they're the type of thing you can always have more of. Also, where's good for getting these things reasonably? I'm thinking I should stock up on a few girl/boy presents. Hoping to spend no more than £10 a time, inc wrap & card.

cyanarasamba Sun 03-Feb-13 15:22:54

Tesco have a 25p/50p selection of birthday cards. Also value wrapping paper. I keep stocked up!

I've been giving Usborne "see inside" books recently, the range includes fairies, dinosaurs, castles, etc etc. Lots of detail and flaps for interest. May be a bit old for 3 year olds, you could try the Usborne 'noisy' books instead. I get mine from amazon which I know is terrible for my local businesses but oh so convenient...

Just ordered some pillow pet type things from Home Bargains (snuggz), if you have one near would be ideal to get some and stock up, they were £3.99 each, my dc all love them, they open up quite large about the size of a normal pillow.

Worth looking on the Book People too, they do collections of books, e.g. 10 for £10, and are good quality books - like the Gruffalo etc. You just have to keep looking as their stock varies.

Thanks, some great ideas there! Thanks for the tip about the cards & wrap too Cyan, that's got to be a big saving on somewhere like Clintons.

greenpostit Sun 03-Feb-13 16:49:28

You need these:

Oh they're great, thank you!

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