Toad Hall Nursery, Woking

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nannynick Tue 04-Dec-12 18:21:49

Just spotted the news report - BBC Surrey: Toad Hall Fire. Two arrested. Shocking that people can set fire to a children's nursery.

Ginandtonicandamassageplease Sun 02-Dec-12 18:54:18

You just beat me to it Patricia - it's shocking isn't it? And just after Mayford Hall too.

PatriciaHolm Sun 02-Dec-12 18:49:46

Toad hall burnt down last night, though you may know that already. Sorry!

nuttynickie Thu 29-Nov-12 18:37:31

Does anyone have any up to date first hand experience with Toadhall nursery in Goldsworth Park, Woking? Would appreciate it please.

AngelNanny Sat 30-Aug-08 22:44:45

The Toadhall nursery in Ripley is awful. One of they old Managers was sacked over child protecion issues but had been allowed to work there for approx 6months 4 this. Staff members working there at the moment have not treated children well and i know first hand that a new male member of staff and a current female member of staff takes drugs a they do not hide this fact. I do not know the current Manager but at least 2 members of staff working there are unsuitable.

When will these nurseries have proper staff checks?!

Afloss Sat 10-May-08 16:11:57

I know that the chain itself is maybe a big one that looks as children at numbers rather than little beings, ie the money, but certainly the staff and set up in the woking one is very good. Another one to try. Years ago I worked their and have heard good reports recently from a toddler group

hf128219 Thu 08-May-08 21:41:22

Any knowledge of the Asquith Nursery at the David Lloyd Centre??

Afloss Thu 08-May-08 21:36:24

oh yes. the difference between the two nurseies is vast. Read the wokings ofsted for leapfrog, I must say it is not good . I have a friend that works there, so if your child is a baby, you may be ok coz she is very good!

hf128219 Tue 06-May-08 15:55:01

Thanks guys! Do you think it is better than the Leapfrog nursery?

nannynick Mon 05-May-08 22:07:45

I've temped there in the past (3 to 4 years ago) and I liked it. Can't say much I'm afraid, contractual obligations and all that, but I can say that I liked temping there... and I certainly don't say that about all nurseries I've been in.

Recently I was in the area and while having lunch at the lake, spotted some of the nursery staff taking a small group of children out for a walk around the lake and parkland. The children were all happy and in high spirits (you could here them coming from some way off). The staff also seemed happy and were interacting well with the children.

Afloss Sat 03-May-08 10:31:38

Hello. I do now have knowledge of this nursery. I went to visit a little while ago, and I found it to be exceedingly well run, and the manager to be patient, experienced and commited. I have seen many nurseries lately and even worked in some myself, and this nursery by far beat what I had been seeing.far from the children crying or being unhappy, they were happily playing, and being looked after. I was there for about 1 hour in all, and the cries I heard, I thought were normal. I have recommended this nursery now to my friend, and she has enrolled her child. I am told that this nursery has a waiting list, and is almost full, so my adviuce is to get there quickly and see what you think. There is also another toad hall in Ottershaw and Ripley, both of which I also liked. Hope this helped.

hf128219 Mon 28-Apr-08 16:16:39

Does anyone have first or second hand experience of this nursery? Thanks everyone.

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