Nurseries in Brixton/Herne Hill

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kpaljon Sun 27-Jan-13 10:23:44

Hello I'm looking for suggestions or advice on nurseries in Brixton or Herne Hill. I've done some online research and there doesn't seem to be too much information online. Any help would be great.

racheyp Fri 05-Apr-13 19:57:57

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Ber2291 Sat 13-Apr-13 16:42:33

Hi, I just posted the exact same question! Have you found any where yet? There seems to be very little info about.

Stangirl Fri 19-Apr-13 22:42:21

I suggest looking at the Ofsted reports. FWIW Effra has a very good reputation as has Rosendale. I send mine to Streatham Montessorri.

kpaljon Sun 05-May-13 14:19:19

Stangirl - thanks Effra sounds great is right by us but sadly I need someone who will take a 1 year old.
I've looked at the others and it would be great to fine some that are close to the tube. Oh well the hunt continues.
Ber2291 - any luck? I've see there is one on Ferndale road. Have you heard any thing about that one?

Polyethyl Sun 05-May-13 14:46:05

I had a look at Under the Willows in Croxted Road, but babies are in the same room as toddlers, which doesn't seem ideal to me.

Stangirl Sat 11-May-13 15:06:01

There are 2 down the road behind the police station. Can't remember their names but a friend is very happy with the one that is closest to the police station. It has the rooms all opening onto the playground at the back in a row. I liked it too - but it was my second choice in the end.

Stepping Stones off Acre Lane is not recommended by a friend of mine.

Barbabeau Sun 12-May-13 18:32:21

The one by the police station on Gresham Road is Little Angels. It has a nice garden. I know people that have been happy with it.

annawalton81 Fri 28-Feb-14 18:44:11

Hi, just wondering where you ended up sending your child in the end? I am starting to look now. Went to see Ferndale Road last week and thought it seemed nice (although I don't really know what I'm looking for exactly!!), however the Ofsted report states 'inadequate' which is a concern.

kpaljon Mon 24-Mar-14 21:16:18

Hello we still have not decided. We are trying to get a local childminder and we are on a waiting list for a nursery in kennington. We weren't impressed with any of the brixton nurseries.

annawalton81 Tue 25-Mar-14 09:07:11

I've now had a look at a few nurseries in Brixton and didn't like any of them either! They seemed far too busy and chaotic. What was the Kennington one you found? We're on a list for one Oval way which seems nice. Apparently if you go to Effra Learning Centre they have a morning where you can meet lots of childminders. I think that'll be our next step if we don't get into this nursery we like.

CaptWingoBings Tue 29-Apr-14 07:01:29

If anyone is up Brixton Hill way & wants a childminder PM me, I know a great one. Also if you are looking for part time (9-2) care Childspace nursery in Cressingham Gardens is a lovely experience.

kpaljon Tue 28-Oct-14 22:25:36

Annawalton81 sorry for the delay. Our dd goes to the pelican nursery in kennington. It's great, but the hike up there every morning is getting a bit tedious. We went to the childminder drop in for about six weeks in a row and found it very difficult. I tried to speak to all of the childminders and ask them about their availability and none of them could confirm a mid aug start until the start of aug. It just wasn't practice so we went the nursery route.

TheDormouse Mon 23-Feb-15 13:16:30

Just to say I'm surprised at anyone not recommending Stepping Stones - wonder if that's a typo? We've been very pleased with it.

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