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MN tea ladies have landed in the House of Commons...

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policywonk Fri 12-Mar-10 11:15:57

... and we all look pretty silly grin

Just waiting for the slebs and worthies to show up so that we can spill hot liquids on them

policywonk Fri 12-Mar-10 11:37:01

OBM has just offered Gareth Thomas (Minister at DFID) a 'Mum' tattoo - things are turning surreal

onebatmother Fri 12-Mar-10 11:39:20

He turned me down.

AitchTwoOhOneOh Fri 12-Mar-10 11:42:33

what's this? have i missed something? are you all netwirking again?

onebatmother Fri 12-Mar-10 11:43:37

InmyheadIminParis - we're in members' dining room, tea pots ready, biscuits of all descriptions standing by... grin just wondering how many I can snaffle before everyone arrives...

onebatmother Fri 12-Mar-10 11:51:44

becksydee here - DS is currently snoozing in the corner of the members' dining room, but will no doubt wake up as soon as i pick up a teapot! must say we are all looking very glam in our vintage housewife getup

apparently we're expecting annie lennox a bit later - i wonder what her favourite biscuit is grin

onebatmother Fri 12-Mar-10 11:55:33

Valpollicella here... Just poured my first cup of tea ...and I didn't spill and

onebatmother Fri 12-Mar-10 12:09:16

Oooo Annie Lennox has entered the room and is wearing a fab leopard print fur coat...she's just talking behind me right now...

(Valpollicella btw)

AitchTwoOhOneOh Fri 12-Mar-10 12:14:01


onebatmother Fri 12-Mar-10 12:23:01

It's the White Ribbon Alliance Minute for Mothers in Westminster Aitch. We're doing a cafe (serving tea in pinnies) at the House of Commons RIGHT NOW. There was a sticky thread seeing if MNers wanted to come and be tea ladies.

morningpaper Fri 12-Mar-10 12:24:59

I really can't imagine OBM in a pinny

I am trying

onebatmother Fri 12-Mar-10 12:25:21

Carrie's giving a brilliant speech. She's fantastic at this - she's clearly moved, and very moving, talking about her experiences in Malawi - 3 hour 'bicycle ambulance' to hospital sounds like utter hell.

onebatmother Fri 12-Mar-10 12:27:04

Now Gareth Thomas is up. He's done a lot in this area. Babies crawling over the podium - poor man..

morningpaper Fri 12-Mar-10 12:27:15



(what are we doing about that BTW?)

onebatmother Fri 12-Mar-10 12:27:30

I look FANASTIC in a pinny mp.

onebatmother Fri 12-Mar-10 12:32:58

Jo Cox from the WRA talking about how fabulous it is to see so many women in the House of Commons.. says we should have a Mum's Cafe every week.

policywonk Fri 12-Mar-10 12:34:55

V odd to be 10 feet from Annie Lennox. Feel like I've been watching her on telly for ever and now she's right over there <points>

policywonk Fri 12-Mar-10 12:39:01

OOh she's v good actually. V angry about media focus on celebs and failure to engage with serious issues.

onebatmother Fri 12-Mar-10 12:40:44

Annie Lennox is deploring fact that the press coverage for Int'l Women's week has been so slight, in comparison with prurient interest in thingamijig's divorce.. she's very fiery - urging us all to speak up for the 1 in 8 African women who die in childbirth. She's brill - so brilliant to hear someone mention 'feminism' in bleedin' public.

CMOTdibbler Fri 12-Mar-10 12:42:34

Do you mean about financially supporting some stuff Morningpaper ?

I can email MNHQ and ask if it would be OK to get in contact with GoodGifts and see if they can find a partner to deliver antenatal shelters or midwife training, and could offer it as a Mumsnet gift ? I don't think Oxfam or WRA do specific item donations

AitchTwoOhOneOh Fri 12-Mar-10 12:52:26

(this is not in the spirit of course but look at annie's upper arms. proper aberdonian lady meaty biceps, those.)

morningpaper Fri 12-Mar-10 14:10:56

yes yes

are Mumsnet doing something? Liek sponsoring a midwife?

AitchTwoOhOneOh Fri 12-Mar-10 14:12:37

that would be cool, actually, esp if olivia could keep in touch and report etc.

A mum tattoo? Is that like a Chinese burn?

Energumene Fri 12-Mar-10 14:25:46

I'm still wearing my tattoo with pride. Wonder what ds will think of it when I pick him up from school?

But thanks to all for a truly brilliant morning. MN rocks

Can't wait to see the photos. x

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