mixed race hair - what do you do?

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flippyzippy Fri 16-Jul-10 15:27:30

Hello! My DD has a head full of curls. I call it Svinto! LOL! anyway, have tried loads of different things but she does NOT like me touching her hair so have to keep it to a minumum - either 2 or 3 pony tails (done rEAL quick) or just leave it down with a couple of clips.
I have tried different products. I found Curly Qs custard really good although it does cost £!2 which is pricey (i think).
I wash it 2 times a week. If neccesary maybe a rinse with some conditioner in between.
Was just curious as to what you have tried and what you thought worked best?

Delilah123 Mon 02-Jan-12 20:33:46
Mrsaniekwe Wed 21-Mar-12 23:18:01

SOFN'FREE N' PRETTY OLIVE OIL DETANGLER 355ML is the best stuff to use its about 4 pounds a bottle, I use it on my daughter to is mixed race her father is from Nigeria and I'm British.

Spray loads on at a time, use a afro cob and comb it thur, section by section.

only wash it once every 2 weeks as the hair can dry out.

BEAUTIFUL BEGINNINGS 2 IN 1 SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER 250ML best stuff to use on mixed race kids hair

anything you wanna know yet ask

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