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Electric aga

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Not answering your question exactly , but ...
We have a 2 oven oil Aga , and the only times I have used the electric cooker we have as standby is to cook the Christmas cake , and the Yorkshire puds when I made a roast beef lunch for 9 .
We've been in the house for nearly a year .
The electric cooker is there for when we turn the Aga off in the summer which we didn't do last year

herhonesty Fri 08-Feb-13 07:35:39

We have 2 door gas with electric add on module. Thought i would use the electric more when aga was on for extra capacity but tbh the 2 ovens have been more than adequate. I do like having the module though, as it means we can switch it off. Not exactly your answer, sorry!

ControlGeek Thu 07-Feb-13 22:15:47

Watching with interest, I'd love an aga but feel spoilt for choice by the options.

Shelleylouise Thu 07-Feb-13 17:06:26

Hi, i am planning a new kitchen and will be installing an electric 4 oven aga , do i need to consider also having a small convential electric oven as well? Aga man says the electric agas are very reliable and i know i will have enough oven and hotplate space with just an aga. My only experience of ranges in the past have all been oil fired with 2 ovens, loved cooking on them but they were very unreliable and not big enough to cook for large gatherings so definitely needed another backup oven. Has anyone got any experience of the electric ones?

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