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Custom made toys cabinet

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k2togm1 Sun 30-Dec-12 18:58:57

Yes deffo little compartments! Hadn't thought of a marble run, will investigate! Thanks!

KeepCalmAndHaveAnotherMincePie Sun 30-Dec-12 17:28:34

Compartments for storing little things - playmobil people etc.

quoteunquote Sun 30-Dec-12 17:24:59

A marble run in the doors.

k2togm1 Sun 30-Dec-12 15:35:00

Ok, so I've finally finished my foundation woodworking course and will be able to start my own project soon. I want to may a toy cabinet for ds who is 21mo. What would your dream cabinet include? I'm imagining for mine some kind of ramps for cars, pockets for puzzle pieces and secret draws, plus some chalkboard paint. What else would you put in your design?

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