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how much should I pay for painting?

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Roseformeplease Mon 17-Dec-12 20:00:54

Agreed £100 a day.

SizzleSazz Mon 17-Dec-12 19:59:51

i paid c.£100 per day for one very hard working man a couple of yrs ago (out West)

ggirl Mon 17-Dec-12 19:58:13

hmm I think they charge about £80-100/day here , per person that is

ommmward Sat 15-Dec-12 21:45:28

a friend and his mate are painting three rooms in my house. they are doing a lovely job - ceilings too, and glossing skirting boards, picture rails, doors etc.

It's taken them all day today, and the glossing and final coats will take all day tomorrow, so that's two lots of, say 16 hours.

I bought the paint; they've provided brushes and rollers and dustsheets and stuff.

My main worry is that this friend will massively undercharge me, and I'm determined to pay him something closer to a commercial rate than a mate's rate. NB they are both properly trained painters and decorators (he did it for years on building sites), but neither of them works in the trade at the moment.

Advice very welcome...

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