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milk in slow cooker

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OnceUponAThyme Sun 06-Jan-13 12:05:43

so after dusting off my old slow cooker in as yet unused condition, I've been crazily collecting recipes.
my (stupid) question is if I can put milk in the slowcooker for a recipe, and if so, does it need to be warmed?

and any tips for easy recipes? I'm a novice with the slow cooker sorry smile

LibraryMum8 Tue 08-Jan-13 00:04:27

You can definitely put it in a slow cooker as an ingredient in a recipe. You do not need to warm it, just put it in straight from the fridge.

JamNan Tue 08-Jan-13 14:52:22

Bung it straight in. Are you making rice pudding? I haven't tried that yet. I'm a novice too. smile
There's a fabulous thread over in the Food section with lots of recipes and tips - here's the link

OnceUponAThyme Tue 08-Jan-13 17:26:29

thank you very much smile
yep, attempting rice pudding. made a pork and apple casserole that went down quite well, I'm in love with slow cooking now lol grin

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