Guiders' staff room - tea, wine, chat and optional dancing around the toadstool

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MadBadandDangerousToKnow Tue 03-Mar-09 21:57:13

Thought it might be nice to have a place to swap ideas and experiences. Shall we do introductions first?

My name's MadBad and I've been a Brownie guider for about 5 years.

momb Tue 19-May-15 13:07:37

Borrowing leaders and parents' tents. That way we know we have space to dry them out if necessary and it doesn't all fall to one person (muggins!).
Big fundraise next year to buy some if it's a success.
It should be fun. We miraculously have lots of adult support and there will be over 40 of us in total. Big campfire sing. Baked potatoes in foil done in the fire.

Becles Mon 18-May-15 20:37:39

What are you doing for tents?

momb Mon 18-May-15 11:08:28

Went to reccie the site for our first pack camp last night. very excited!

We only camped for the first time last year for BBB. They asked to go again so we're going to be starting off with a sleepover under canvas with a campfire, songs and baked potatoes.

MyNightWithMaud Fri 15-May-15 08:37:28

Yes, I am thrilled. This is the first time in years that I have found a parent willing to take on any task. Years ago, I had a lovely parent buying the refreshments every week, but that ended when the girl moved up to Guides.

Becles Fri 15-May-15 00:24:30

The grand plan was to get the dance class, then save the other till next year. Gukl5 tripped friends, family and colleagues and now have double amount needed so awash with the blooming things.


MyNightWithMaud Thu 14-May-15 21:25:16

We never get anywhere near enough vouchers, but I always hope to get a session with a sports/dance trainer from SAK. This year, for the first time ever, I have a parent volunteer doing the counting and ordering. Yippee! And huge thanks to her.

Groovee Thu 14-May-15 17:46:10

We're planning on getting baking stuff as we have none from AK.

We did knots last night and made 100 birthday cards for a lady in Sheffield.

JulieMichelleRobinson Thu 14-May-15 16:01:56


PMing you with some more info. smile

MrsTrentReznor Thu 14-May-15 16:01:55

I'm a cub leader, but happened upon this thread! Can you get diabalos and poi from active kids? My lot love those. I have a special box full that we take to summer camp, keeps them all busy so we can breathe for an hour. grin

JulieMichelleRobinson Thu 14-May-15 15:45:53


What about juggling scarves and learning to juggle? Cheerleading stuff? Quoits/Horseshoe game? There's a 'teamwalker' kit, which could be amusing for six/patrol racing but would take up more space. Paint-your-own collage pots? Stuff from the gardening section, e.g. jumbo magnifiers (for hunting bugs?)?

rivierliedje Thu 14-May-15 15:45:06

momb I'm BGIFC so no closer units (and it's more like 120 km). I'm doing my queen's guide as well, so this is really annoying. I do have a day off a week? Grasping at straws.

Becles Thu 14-May-15 07:10:50

Who else has a bottle of wine earmarked for counting active kids vouchers this weekend?

If you collected,what's on your shopping list? <nosy> but I am desperate for ideas as we have loads of vouchers, absolutely no storage and sainsbury's won't let you carry over any vouchers to next yearshock

momb Wed 13-May-15 15:30:32

30 miles each way is mad but enthusiastic. More than that will become a Chore I suspect. I'd bet a pound to a penny they are short of leaders where your new job is too....

rivierliedje Tue 12-May-15 15:07:02

Some of the children of the royal family here belong to those scouts, julie,michelle. Other than that I don't know much about them.

We had district camp this weekend which was brilliant and exhausting.
I've been offered a job a long way away and have accepted, but I really would like to continue with my guide unit. Would it be insane to drive the distance once a week?

momb Mon 04-May-15 10:05:57

I think you need to rely on Guidance from your umbrella organisation. In Guiding we have guidelines on all kinds of things: advertising, ratios, safeguarding etc and all these need to be considered so that we are covered under group insurance, for example.
Having covered all of those and having made sure that your organisation covers you from personal indemnity, I'd recommend advertising in the local catholic churches for adult helpers: once your leadership team is in place you can put together a basic first term programme and then advertise for members.
I'd recommend strongly against trying to put something together without having the infrastructure in place first: you will need impartial support once the parents get going!

JulieMichelleRobinson Sun 03-May-15 23:45:06


Wanted to pop in and ask for help. I'm involved in the Catholic movement known as the Guides and Scouts of Europe (international in scope and not part of WAGGS or world scout whatever they call it). If you want more info on us, Google UIGSE-FSE. My reasons for choosing this over "regular" Guiding are various, but I'm going to invoke the Law and claim friendship and sisterhood... And ask for help!

I'm in a new area and looking to set up a company from scratch, potentially with the junior branch too if I can find adults. If anyone has experience doing this - starting from zilch (and I don't have children) - and is willing to offer some advice, would you please PM me? Or put it here so others can also benefit. There are Guides and Scouts here of the regular variety, but our programme is decidedly different (mainly because of the religious character, but also because it is very old-fashioned Scouting for Boys style) and I think it would cater to different families, not draw people away.

Groovee Sun 03-May-15 22:05:10

Back to brownies now. We started the writers badge, talked about holiday news and made a card for our county commissioner who is finished her term this year.

One of the YL is 18 this week, so got her card signed. Party next week when all guilders are back.

Becles Fri 24-Apr-15 23:38:51

Nice to meet all you new joiners, especially if you came via the litter picking thread.

One week until our massive camp, fingers crossed for decent weather.

Permanentlyexhausted Fri 24-Apr-15 23:06:52

I thought I'd pop in and say hello! I'm a Brownie Guider.

We took out girls on a Farm to Fork trip a while back and they loved it. Highly recommended.

momb Fri 24-Apr-15 20:55:46

Hi Pup :-D
Have a cuppa brew

Groovee Thu 23-Apr-15 20:45:12

Welcome pup x

UpWithPup Thu 23-Apr-15 19:59:54

waves Hi!

I'm really pleased to have found this thread, I'm a rainbow guider.

Groovee Thu 23-Apr-15 16:49:42

I'm so glad we had an extra week off as I am so poorly with a chest infection. My fibromyalgia isn't helping.

I know about farm to fork but never got round to going. Morrisons and Asda do something similar apparently and Toby Carvery do a free visit where they often get a meal.

Becles Thu 23-Apr-15 13:35:51

Glad to hear it went well.

Having a good (ish) week. Prepping for a massive camp and then my sleepover license.

Have you seen this thread on AIBU?

momb Thu 23-Apr-15 11:06:07

Well I've hit the 200 hours in two weeks mark for my 'little hobby'.
An hour a week my eye!

BH was lovely, but two were desperately homesick and went home; I always expect it to be the new shy ones and it's always the older more apparently confident ones who need their Mum.

Spent the rest of the week planning the term (last minute of course) and then rejigging all our arrival and filler activities as one of the new Brownies has some particular needs so I need to get them all quietened down a bit.
We are famously a loud shouty singing and dancing pack so it will be interesting to see how we get on. Lots of calls with new Mum and rewriting most of my risk assessments for ratios and provision of quiet space.

Talking of planning. Are you all aware of Tescos Farm to Fork Trails? I hadn't heard of them but they seem very pleased to have us: we'll tour the back rooms as well as the store and have a go at making bread and learn more about where the food comes from/how it's produced.

How's everyone else's week going?

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