Eco egg to replace all washing liquids/powders

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forevergreek Sun 22-Apr-12 09:28:42

brought one ourselves about two months ago, clothes all have come out clean and odor free!

Thanks for the link- looks great very tempted!
How do you know if it's run out? Clothes just stop coming out clean?

forevergreek Sat 28-Apr-12 11:55:39

It's supposed to need topping up once every 4 months ( for the average 4 person household apparently), also this should be when the egg is 1/3 full. Our egg came with 3 years supply of refills Inthe price. Is 7.99 for another 3 years when your supply runs out

I've now bought this and it is amazing! Thank you so much for posting - have recommended to family and friends smile for anyone else - QVC is doing a really good deal on them at the moment.

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