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how long to decree nisi

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Collaborate Sat 26-Jan-13 17:26:50

Petitioner can get Absolute 6 weeks after Nisi. Nisi should take around 3 months. Any longer then either or both are dragging feet.
Respondent can apply for (up to the judge) Absolute 3 months after the Petitioner could have first applied.

Nisi 6 months, absolute 9 months later, entire process almost 2 years!

Move on whenever you are ready...I changed my name immediately upon separation!

Oh, the Absolute took a further 3 yrs hmm

In my experience Nisi is quick (took us 6 months), Absolute took ages (thanks to X buggering about with the financial stuff). The Nisi is not the divorce, the Absolute is, you can apply for the Absolute 6 weeks after the Nisi if the finances are sorted (usually). i'm assuming you live in the UK?

lovelytoes Sat 26-Jan-13 00:58:55

Would like to know everyones experiences of timescales for divorce.
I signed the acknowledgement of service on 21st december and sent it back to court the same day.
As i am the respondent im just waiting to hear when decree nisi will be pronounced.also if i ring the court will they tell me at what stage the divorce is at? Desperate for this to come through so i can move on with my life .

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