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LydiaTheTattooedLapin Wed 28-Nov-07 12:02:41

Hello there.

I have finally emailed everyone with their matches! (well, everyone except the two of you that joined in yesterday - you know who you are wink)

So if you don't think you have received your email, please a) check your spam and b) mail me on mnsecretsanta@gmail.com if you haven't had it, and I will resend.

I am having problems getting rejected messages from a few of you - it seems to be a Hotmail problem. So you might get an email from some random woman with a strange Hotmail address - that's me!

Please could everyone just drop me a very quick line when you have got your email, so I know they have got through - most of you have already done this, thank you. Just an email reply saying "Received, luv mumofbenandgeorgie1989" is fine (it helps me enormously if you stick your MN name in somewhere).

Ummm, what else.

Questions thread here - please check here and also post any general questions here rather than emailing me. Obviously email me if you have specific questions about your recipient.

And there is a Thank You thread here too.

Thanks everyone for joining in ! smile

LilyLoo Wed 28-Nov-07 12:05:21

Just wanted to say well done and thanks to you LL your a star for organisng all this smile

Baffy Wed 28-Nov-07 14:11:24


littlelapin Wed 28-Nov-07 14:32:37


littlelapin Wed 28-Nov-07 15:52:10

jingle bump

littlelapin Wed 28-Nov-07 17:00:30


JARM Wed 28-Nov-07 17:40:44

oooh, posted the you know what for you know who to you today my dear - and dont worry about hassling me, ill tell you to bog off if i need to!!! xxx

hohoholepew Wed 28-Nov-07 17:45:50

My dh works for a courier firm and they're delivering mine free of charge! Cheers DHL

littlelapin Wed 28-Nov-07 17:52:56

hurrah DHL! grin

Ah, the thingy for wotnot, JARM? <taps side of nose, winks>

How's that bump doing!

shoshaliteupthetree Wed 28-Nov-07 18:01:40

Received, wrapped, stamped, and posted grin

Well done LL

shoshaliteupthetree Wed 28-Nov-07 18:02:40

Received, wrapped, stamped, and posted grin

Well done LL

JARM Wed 28-Nov-07 18:28:36

that bump is being a stubborn little so and so, but hopefully the sweep this afternoon will have kicked things off!

DavidTennantsMistress Wed 28-Nov-07 18:43:29

i've got mine thanks LL - prob won't be able to email you back still off line at home (prob another 10 days or so) but i'll send it out after the weekend. Have just finished sorting my goodies cupboard out

(jarmy get on MSN!)

littlelapin Wed 28-Nov-07 18:49:22

DTM, don't worry, as long as I know you have received the email I can tick you off the list wink

(Are you in my neck of the woods at the mo?)

pyjamagirl Wed 28-Nov-07 19:10:09

bump got my email going at the weekend x

littlelapin Wed 28-Nov-07 19:12:54

Don't need to bump, PJ, it's a sticky wink but thank you anyway!

pyjamagirl Wed 28-Nov-07 19:15:05


milge Wed 28-Nov-07 19:17:38

I haven't had an email LL( and yes my spam is empty and have added you as a contact), I have emailed you

littlelapin Wed 28-Nov-07 19:18:10

milge, got it, my error, have emailed

TheMadHouse Wed 28-Nov-07 19:24:49

No e-mail here either, I have mailed you

littlelapin Wed 28-Nov-07 19:25:22

<tears hair out>

<hunts down owners of Hotmail>

OK will check!

littlelapin Wed 28-Nov-07 19:32:18

MadHouse, you have mail!

milge Wed 28-Nov-07 19:33:35

One problem off your very long list, LL. Email safely rec'd many thanks grin

Nemo2007 Wed 28-Nov-07 20:27:23

I shall get mine sorted and try to post by saturday..I do say tryhmmblush

ScoobyDoo Wed 28-Nov-07 20:28:44

LL i have been unable to do mine as yet but i will definatly have it posted by early next week, you know who i am talking about, ok? smile

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