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My son's breath smells of poo

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Janey46 Sun 17-Feb-13 21:55:57

I have taken him to the dentist who said he has no dental problems, I took him to the GP who was spectacularly unhelpful and just said it was one of those things but really it is utterly foul. Soon he is going to start getting comments from other children and he is quite a sensitive boy, I don't want this to destroy his confidence (he is 8yrs old)
Please does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to help him? I am really worried for him but no-one seems to want be able to help sad angry

Janey46 Mon 18-Feb-13 16:59:03

A little update: saw GP who was useless! Couldn't see any tonsil stones (fair enough). Kept talking about tonsillitis and how that could be problem if the bad breath kept returning. I KEPT telling him DS has not had tonsillitis (I think I might have noticed if he had hmm) - he couldn't see any catarrh at all (there was loads this morning!)
He said, there's nothing anyone can do, suggested maybe I could take him to the dentist (I had told him about a minute earlier I had already taken DS to the dentist angry).

So basically I am none the wiser. What next?! (apart from trying tongue scraper!)

This may be way off mark but for the 6 months prior to my then six year old having acute appendicitis she had really awful breath. Like you I took her to the dentist and GP who could detect no underlying problems. We had always been fanatical about dental hygiene but I started making her drink an extra bottle of water a day - it did improve slightly but it was a couple of weeks after the appendectomy that I realised the bad breath had gone regardless of extra water or not.

DD's appendix ruptured and apparently was one of the most infected the surgeon had seen. I'm fairly convinced she actually had chronic appendicitis before it went acute, (a fair few unexplained tummy pains over the previous months) and this was what was causing the bad breath.

This may not be of any help to you at all but might be worth thinking about if your DS complains of any random stomach pains as i've since heard bad breath can be associated with an infected appendix.

Good luck - hope you get it sorted.

dontwanttobefatandforty Mon 18-Feb-13 17:24:23

could he have stuck something up his nose? This causes horrific breath, the stomach turning kind. Have GP check, you wont know any other way.

Janey46 Mon 18-Feb-13 17:35:13

I don't think it is anything up his nose as it is a problem that has been coming and going over the past year or so. Mind you what do I know!!

I will try more liquid and tongue scraper and will be on high alert for stomach pains!!

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