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arrghh Ds and excema

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Ds has excema. Its not the worst case but stubborn and we are struggling with it at the moment. Traditionally a few days of hydrocortisone, twice a day diprobase, piriton at night and flare up is gone. This year since before xmas its been awful, we are on second tube of hydrocortisone in two weeks. We have moved and have a new GP and they wanted him on zerobase, if anything its making it worse he seems to need the oilier ointment style creams. Anyway the point of all this is I'm going to try and get him an appointment tomorrow what should I ask for / push for? Is there any point continuing with the hydrocortisone? He's a real little trouper but miserable, has broken the skin in several places and isn't sleeping well.

Mumoftaiba Thu 17-Jan-13 22:54:55

I feel you my dd will be 8 in June and she is like that she won't apply her cream and expects me to do it. She would rather itch her self crazy than put her cream on. She seems to think it will itch more if you puts her cream on. When you get the answer let me know smile

we have an interesting perspective on it here. dp has awful eczema so you would expect him to be good with ds creams yes? but no he's awfulangry he too maintains cream makes you itchy and doesn't slather on nearly as much emmolient on ds as I do.thing is I think it helps ds.I'm not arguing with dps experience but I think everyone had a sort of personal eczema solution.the holy grail is just figuring it outgrin

I think eight is a bit young to take responsibility for it all .it is a buffer getting out the door in the mornings though I sympathize. I can never get dressed until last as I don't want my works clothes slathered in diprobase :-)

just wanted to update.betnovate worked a treat.about four days worth and he's now completely eczema free top to toeshock grin thanks for all the advice.we are still moisturizing twice daily but no steroidssmile grin

DD is doing quite well with her creaming. If I stand in the bathroom with her and prompt her so she remembers all the different parts of her body, she can manage it. I think she just needs experience/confidence.

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