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Anyone be interested in a FREE reciprocal blog review?

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andapartridgeinapeartree Mon 10-Dec-12 10:31:37

Hello everyone..

I am hungry for some feedback on my blog and am imagining that lots of other blogees are...soooooo, how about pairing up and doing a reciprocal blog review?

The suggested rules are:

1. To keep your reviews short's. That is no longer than approx 400 words.

2. The essence of your review needs to be positive AND constructive.

3. The sections of your review could include:

Presentation & Design
Ease of reading your blog by a visitor (no comments on grammar etc etc)
How does your blog feel to a new it getting the (or a) message across? Does it feel welcoming?
If your blog is a business-based blog (e.g.: I am an artist and therefore I blog to share what i do and hopefully entice people to book onto workshops or perhaps purchase a print) does it do just that? entice people in?

4. Everyone works for nothing on their blogs, or at least for the first gazillion years to get the numbers up, so once again the emphasis has to be on the word POSITIVE feedback.

When you get your reviewing partner, I think it would be a good idea to write a passage or two about your blog and more importantly, your wishes for it (if you don't have no worries, but if you do they might include something like 'I wish for my blog to become a book, I want my blog to be a regular drop in for my readers, etc etc)

So...what do you think? I won't be offended if you think it a crap idea!!


Whose in?! I'll have a badge made too mebbe...

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