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How much wool to knit a scarf?

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I want to make a scarf from chunky or Aran weight wool. How much wool would I need to make a long scarf ?


The answer is that it depends on your pattern.

This pattern on Ravelry scarf pattern looks long and chunky and takes 494m according to the pattern.

This ball of Aran yarn from Kemps is 800m long.

Knitting cables into a pattern uses more yarn than just stocking or garter stitch.

VintageRainBoots Mon 19-Nov-12 00:48:15

Depends on how thick the yarn is, the pattern, how closely knit the scarf, etc. At least three skeins for a thick wool scarf, I would think.

sashh Mon 19-Nov-12 05:22:23

I'm knitting one with Pattons fab big and 10mm needles - there is a pattern on the ball for a sort of scarf where the ends meet, that takes the one ball.

Thanks for the replies. I am going to knit it in plain/pearl rows and drop stitches on the final row to make a holey pattern.

Sashh - thanks for the info about the Patons wool, I have now ordered a ball.

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