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to ask for some help PLEASE re tax credits, compliance, i am SO scared :(

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taxcredshelp Sat 09-Mar-13 10:17:30

split up with ex jan 2012, he left me. but would not tell me where he was living and his mail etc kept coming to the house.

he has now admitted to living with someone just after xmas, and says he has changed his address for everything now. and his mail has stopped coming as much. the only thing he has carried on paying for is the Sky, as i tried to change it into just my name but

well this morning i have had a letter from tax credits compliance saying they have done a credit check which shows that TWAT exp is still living here. and they are asking for evidence such as bank statements, rent agreements, council tax bills, utility bills and "any other info to explain why i have claimed as a single person". i have most of what they are asking for, but what i am worried about is that the one thing we agreed on is that he would still continue paying my internet and phone line as virgin would not allow me to take it over in my own name (credit score failure) . so that is still in his name.

i am shitting it. i have about 2 weeks to provide that evidence or my tcs get stopped or they will charge me a penalty and the letter even talks about criminal prosecution sad

i am so, so scared. has anyone else ever had this? what happened? please help.

Skyebluesapphire Tue 12-Mar-13 16:04:14

What lying that Tax Credits were after you, or lying that your X didnt live there ? confused some people are total knobs./

Sadly Tax Credits have done this to a lot of innocent people and caused a lot of stress, which has been made worse by the fact that most people cant get through to them on the only phone number that they give you.

In my case, my XH left in April 2012 and I made a single claim then. Our joint claim for current year was for 3 days....

Because XH didn't change his address on most things, simply redirected the mail, it meant that this was showing as his address, when he hadnt lived here for almost 9 months by then. and of course, it was still a joint mortgage as it was in the process of being sorted out.

If you can get everything in your name that would be great, and if not, then just explain in the letter to Tax Credits that it is still in your X name for financial reasons. Do you pay it? It could be in his name, but the payment could come from your bank account.

taxcredshelp Tue 12-Mar-13 16:30:15

haha yes please socks grin

they were implying i was lying about mine and ex's relationship hmm

i thought of something else - i don't know if its relevant. but on the letter, it said, re your single claim of 2011 - 2012 and 2012 - 2013 . Between Jan 2011 Up until January 2012 - xp WAS living with me, and we did have a Joint tax credits claim. i wonder if that could have anything to do with it confused

i wish i could win the lottery so i no longer had to claim anything. i would ring them and tell them to stick it up their arse sad

Skyebluesapphire Tue 12-Mar-13 16:47:46

My letter referred to my single claim for the year ended 5 April 2012, but I didnt start my single claim until 8 April 2012! So the letter was totally wrong anyway.

and they told me to ring them by January 2012. This was in December 2012 lol. I dont actually own a time machine confused

taxcredshelp Wed 13-Mar-13 07:25:28

Lol thats ridiculous skyeblue

and thats what i mean, my single claim only started jan 2012, prior to that was a joint claim, but they are suggesting it was a single claim the whole time but ex was here and they KNOW that because they were paying us JOINTLY hmm

taxcredshelp Thu 14-Mar-13 07:47:23

just bumping again, sorry

to update, i finally sent everything i have off yesterday, which was, tenancy agreement, rent statement, bank statements in my name (along with notes on them showing when i made payments for food shopping, bills, things for kids etc), my council tax bill, my water bill, my housing benefit confirmation, my tv licence bill. all in my name. (i have gas and electric bills in my name but am waiting for them to send me copies then i will send them too).

I also sent a covering letter stating ex and i were not in a relationship, living apart, financially separate and that he is in a new relationship.

but still i am scared it is not enough because of ex only living at his new house last few months. so what if they want me to explain prev months - i don't know where he was, i just know he wasn't HERE!! also i doubt he will be on electoral role there or council tax at his new address as he is basically just shacked up with this woman, there is no rent agreement or anything

been doing loads of searching online and keep finding loads of horror stories where they have not believed people and they have ended up owing thousands. i cant stop looking

i am sick with worry, i can't sleep and i can't eat. i am like a zombie. i do not know how i am going to get through the next few weeks as i have heard it can take weeks for them even to get back to you

cozietoesie Thu 14-Mar-13 07:55:20

It's likely the feeling of helplessness that's making you so tense.

Why not give them a quick phone tomorrow to check whether the stuff has arrived and whether they need anything else? That way, you have something to do - and who knows what they might let slip when they're talking.

Best of luck.

taxcredshelp Thu 14-Mar-13 10:47:13

yes i definitely feel helpless cosie sad

i actually rang this morning when they opened, and told them i had sent my stuff off. the lady i spoke to was really kind and friendly, and even had a joke with me when one of my kids were shouting at me while i was on the phone (am hoping thats a GOOD sign that she sounded so friendly and relaxed??!... confused )

i also asked if when they did a search on ex's new address, did they find him there? wasn't sure if she could tell me due to data protection, but she told me they DIDN'T find anything sad and this is why they need the extra stuff

so now i am shitting as they HAVENT found him at new address. so i have rang ex in a panic and he ASSURES me he HAS had everything changed over. and to be fair, i have had no mail for him for a good few weeks now. he has also told me that if necessary, i can send his driving licence / bank statements, phone bill to them (which all have new adress on). but he says he doesnt want to give me them to send unless they ask.

Skyebluesapphire Thu 14-Mar-13 12:04:40

please dont worry too much. and stop googling! There are just as many stories where it turned out ok. and remember that people do lie, so a lot of the ones where the credits were stopped, may well have been done for good reason.

like you say, you can prove it, so try to put it out of your head for now and dont expect to hear anything for a couple of weeks, or you will drive yourself mad

taxcredshelp Thu 14-Mar-13 18:53:36

thank you skye

have not googled at all today blush

and i must admit, when i read all the stuff online, i did suspect some of them were not exactly being truthful, there was stuff like they still had rent / mortgage in joint names, "ex" was paying money into account (other than maintanance) and "ex" was sleeping over occasionally hmm and some were even PREGNANT by the "ex" mind you a lot i found was from netmums

Skyebluesapphire Fri 15-Mar-13 10:23:11

Lol. The only joint thing I had with XH was mortgage and that is common after divorce as it takes time to sort out.

He caused me so much crap by not changing his address. He had been gone for six months by then!

Well done on staying away from Google.

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