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to think this pageant is pretty DULL

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Enragia Sun 03-Jun-12 15:32:10

ok there are boats

now what

enimmead Sun 03-Jun-12 15:33:29

Seems like there's only 1 boat that the BBC thinks is important.

<off to Argos rather than waste time watching>

WWYB Sun 03-Jun-12 15:36:06

I think that is it. I was a bit unimpressed with it, I thought all those row boats would go down the river in some sort of order, you know, in rows of 5 a breast or something. But they are all just tootling along at their own pace, with no order. Its a bit messy. Its all a bit meh.

Enragia Sun 03-Jun-12 15:36:43

boring boring
i cant wait for wednesday

careergirl Sun 03-Jun-12 15:42:19

nothing like thought it would be

Figgygal Sun 03-Jun-12 15:44:49

I think it's just not coming across well on tv as is just too much to show the whole spectacle. Wish was there!!

MrsCampbellBlack Sun 03-Jun-12 15:45:13

Isn't it just.

May just have to do some virtual shopping to relieve boredom . . .

ClaireBunting Sun 03-Jun-12 15:46:04


Shinyshoes1 Sun 03-Jun-12 15:46:53

I agree it's all a bit pants .

I can't wait for the jubilee concert tomorrow but I'm still pissed off I didn't get tickets ! I don't know anybody that did either

Enragia Sun 03-Jun-12 21:42:20

i could have got tickets to concert, decided i wash washing hair instead

dementedma Sun 03-Jun-12 21:58:45

I thought it was good - thoroughly enjoyed it

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