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Dawn French

Dawn French

"Given the chance to relax, I would watch Dog the Bounty Hunter, and eat a pasty at the same time whilst in the bath - that would be perfect." Dawn French, November 2010

Comedian, writer and actor, Dawn French has appeared in some of the country's most long-running and loved shows, including French and Saunders and The Vicar of Dibley. On top of her screen achievements, Dawn's memoir, Dear Fatty, topped the best-selling charts and her first novel, A Tiny Bit Marvellous, was released in November 2010. She joined us to answer your questions about the novel, as well as what goes on behind the scenes, celeb snogs and her favourite jokes.


Armando Iannucci

"Of course, I would NEVER make fun of Mumsnet, but I can imagine a Minister feeling obliged to do the interview and spending a lot of time with his or her advisers trying to work out the best answer to 'what's your favourite shop?' And then typing something stupid in answer to 'why aren't speed cameras working?'" Armando Iannucci, November 2010

Will there be a new series of The Thick of It now the coalition is in power? Is the Fourth Sector Pathfinder Initiative to blame for Cameron's 'Big Society'? And would he ever make fun of Mumsnet? Find out what answers political satirist Armando Iannucci had to your questions when he joined us in late 2010. 



Lane Merrifield

"We were one of the first children's games to install a parent timer on our site, which gives parents the tools to determine exactly how much time they want their child to spend on Club Penguin." Lane Merrifield, September 2010

Lane Merrifield, the executive vice president of Disney Online Studios, is also one of the people behind Club Penguin - one of the fastest growing virtual worlds for children aged 6-14. He joined us for a webchat in July 2010 to answer your questions about the world of Club Penguin, what the point of "Puffles" are, and the secrets hidden across the online islands.


Gok Wan at Mumsnet HQGok Wan

"There ain't nothing better for a post-baby tum than looking into that cot and realising why your body has changed!" Gok Wan, July 2010

We didn't bare our bods, but we did bare our style and beauty ishoos for The Wan who joined us for a live webchat in 2010. The fashion guru and on-screen consultant, famed for How to Look Good Naked, Gok's Fashion Fix and books including Work Your Wardrobe, answered questions on everything from harem pants to trackie bottoms, bangers to bras, and lots, lots more.


Justin FletcherJustin Fletcher

"It came as a huge shock to discover how popular Something Special became so quickly and, absolutely, it's the most rewarding show I do - no doubt!" Justin Fletcher, April 2010

The Something Special and Gigglebiz presenter came to Mumsnet Towers, charmed visiting children by singing and clowning around, and answered lots of your questions about his shows, receiving an MBE, Makaton, bumper cars, biscuits and tons more.


Charlie BrookerCharlie Brooker, Guardian columnist, author and broadcaster

"I'm exceptionally lucky in that my job involves blurting the contents of my forebrain out without really considering the consequences, but it gets harder the more you do it." Charlie Brooker, November 2009

A satisfying webchat about zombie plans, Christian Science Bible Lessons, and David Mitchell's sex appeal. Plus, The Charlie Brooker Guide to Giving Birth: "Close your eyes and breathe a bit. Apparently they slip out really easily."


Cristina OdoneCristina Odone

"This pamphlet was not a party political broadside: I think the working macho culture is as much a Conservative Party construct as a New Labour one... I think the Tories should listen to women on marriage; for example, women don't value marriage as much as a strong loving relationship..." Cristina Odone, October 2009

Cristina is a writer, broadcaster and journalist (including stints as editor of the Catholic Herald and deputy editor of the New Statesman) and joined us to discuss a paper she had written for the Centre for Policy Studies called What Women Want... And How They Can Get It. It provoked heated discussions on our Talk forums and Cristina gamely came on to engage with the debate, despite having a horrid lurgy and no kitchen floor. It was so interesting Mumsnetters implored her to put down cheap vinyl and stay longer.


Chris CorcoranChris Corcoran

"The intro to show was scripted, the make was all improvised and the performancy bit at the end was half-scripted and half-improvised. The puppeteers were brilliant. I suggested we did more of just me and them chatting on a subject improv-style, as they used to make me howl with laughter." Chris Corcoran, July 2009

A live webchat with comedian and Doodle Do presenter Chris Corcoran took place in 2009. To celebrate Children's Art Week, Chris had designed a series of exclusive creative children's masterclasses for Haliborange Shiny School - and he came on Mumsnet to have a bit of a natter and give us some creative ideas for things to do with our children over the summer.


Will Gray

"How about Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia? This little trio of Baltic countries has sandy beaches, comfortable summer temperatures, activities such as cycling and canoeing to keep the kids happy, lots of cultural interest, quirky self-catering places to stay, direct flights PLUS they're good value." Will Gray, July 2008

Will Gray is an award-winning travel journalist, and first came to Mumsnet for an online chat in July 2008. He was so nice and knowledgable, we invited him back in June 2009. Will has travelled extensively with his two children, so what he doesn't know about surviving long-haul flights with small kids ain't worth knowing. He answered loads of your questions on everything from camping and city breaks to kids' clubs and family adventure holidays.


Lesley Waters

Piers Morgan

"I don't know if I was set up over those Iraq photos, but I do know that we still don't know who took them, what they depict, where they were taken, or anything. And since some British soldiers have now started admitting they abused Iraqi civilians, I think I am entitled to feel rather proud of what we exposed." Piers Morgan, October 2006

Piers Morgan was editor of the News of the World and then the Mirror – until he was sacked for publishing faked pictures of British soldiers 'abusing' Iraquis. Way back in 2006 he joined us for a live webchat. He's now a regular on TV, both in the UK and US. Among the many gems, Piers revealed during his online chat was his dislike of 'backstabbing' Cherie Blair and his desire to be locked in a cell with Scarlett Johanssen... 



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