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Food, gardening, health, climate change, psychology... read the answers to your questions from our Lifestyle Q&A guests.


Ms Cupcake, vegan baker

"If you're allergic to soya, the next go-to milk is rice milk. It gives the sponges of the cake a slightly different texture with a few air pockets, but really tastes light and fluffy." Ms Cupcake, May 2013

Glamorous vegan baker Ms Cupcake, author of The Naughtiest Vegan Cakes in Town and owner of an award-winning bakery, answered your questions about vegan baking in May 2013.


Nikki Duffy, food journalist

"Green veg often have a hint of bitterness to them, and this is why I think they are among the more often rejected foods. It's been well documented that a child may need to try a new food many times before they gain the confidence to actually eat it - and this is more true with bitter flavours than sweet." Nikki Duffy, May 2011

What's the best way to get iron into your toddler's diet? How can you deal with a grumpy baby at mealtimes? Can you (and should you) disguise vegetables as toast? Nikki Duffy, author of the River Cottage Baby and Toddler Cookbook, joined us in May to talk about weaning and children's food.  


Richard Corrigan and Gizzi Erskine

"Cake baking is a science. You need to have your oven preheated, (and trust it's at the right temperature), to have weighed everything out before you start and, if I'm honest, have some kind of electric appliance to help you on your way, like an electric whisk or table top mixer." Gizzi Erskine, February 2011

We all have our own cooking foibles but help is at hand. Richard Corrigan and Gizzi Erskine joined us in February 2011 for a cookery Q&A, helping solve your culinary problems and hopefully raising your game in the kitchen.


melindagatesMelinda Gates, from the Gates Foundation and ONE

"Once more people understand, for example, that we are 99% of the way to wiping polio off the face of the earth the world will make even more progress, faster. You are part of a movement that is bringing these vital issues to people's attention. " Melinda Gates, September 2010

To coincide with World Aids Day 2010, we invited Melinda Gates and Dr Sipho Moyo to take on your philanthropy-based questions, from international aid and HIV to malaria and Make Poverty History.


Duncan ClarkDuncan Clark, carbon expert from 10:10

"It's basic 100-year-old physics that if you add CO2 to the air, then it gets warmer. There is nothing in the scientific literature that challenges this." Duncan Clark, September 2010

We welcomed 10:10's Duncan Clark to answers your questions on eating local versus supporting developing world farmers, 'food miles' and low-carbon heating for the UK, and many more. 


Phil McCannPhil McCann, gardening journalist and horticulturalist

"Herbs are great fun to grow - and usually so rewarding. We all know most like hot conditons but a windowsill can fry the leaves and boil the roots." Phil McCann, July 2010

From tackling broadbean-loving black-fly, to weed-infested allotments, and foxes who just won't leave your garden alone, RHS member, gardening journalist and horticulturalist Phil McCann had the answers.


Euan Murray, the Carbon Trust

"The more people who hear the term 'carbon footprint' every day, the better. We can't rely just on companies, governments or environmentalists to solve climate change." Euan Murray, June 2010

Low carbon labels, energy-efficient heating systems and the best way to shop to minimise your impact on the environment were just some of the topics that you wanted to ask Euan about. 


Ben Renshaw, lifecoach and director of The Happiness Project

"Unhappiness is part of the human condition. Happiness is not the absence of unhappiness, it is the ability to accept your unhappiness." Ben Renshaw, June 2010 

Ben Renshaw took on your existential questions, including if how happy you are is dictated by your genes, and how to feel more confident as a parent?

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