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Well, we didn't bare our bods, but we did bare our style and beauty ishoos for The Wan who joined us for a live webchat in July 2010. The fashion guru and on-screen consultant, famed for How to Look Good Naked, Gok's Fashion Fix and books including Work Your Wardrobe, answered questions on everything from harem pants to trackie bottoms, bangers to bras, and lots, lots more. 


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Letter Q Rotunda: As an over-40, saggy tummied mother of two, petite in height and a size 16, what underwear do you recommend ladies of my height and size should wear for a confidence boost in the bedroom? 

What lingerie is most flattering to ladies like myself?

Letter A Gok: Magic underwear is great for anyone of any height, it doesn't matter what size you are magic undies will always give you a boost.  

Letter Qsoutheastastra: What can I wear to hide fat stomach? I'm slim everywhere else, but my mother in law asked me if I was pregnant, and today the dentist asked me if had any medical updates to tell him about

Letter A Gok: Baby, it's all about the big pants! Also Empire lines are gonna hide that fabulous tum!

Letter Qchloesbaby: My husband hates my skimpy knickers! He wants me to wear bigger pants and french knickers instead of thongs - what should I do? 

Letter A Gok: Girlfriend, wear your pants for you! Does he consider what boxers to wear for you?  

 Gok Wan

Letter Q SunshineOnARainyDay: I'm 5' 3" with 36H norks, a smallish waist, wobbly tum and I hate my short legs. 

I go from loving my boobs to really hating them. In photos all I ever see are these massive things stuck on my chest and I feel out of proportion. What will flatter my shape?

Letter A Gok: It sounds to your Aunty Gok, you need a really good fitting bra (get one fitted) and also take a long look in the mirror and realise how gorg' you are! We all come in different shapes and sizes and we need to embrace that! 

Letter Q onadietcoke: I am a 38HH and depressed. I tried a specialist bra shop, and took a five-hour train ride to London, and it didn't even fit. I'm also a size 22/24. Even when I lose weight the flamming "udders" remain. 

Please can you help design some clothes for us big-norked girls?

Letter A Gok: Have you tried Rigby and Peller, Bellisimo or Simply Be? 


Maternity and post-baby wear

Letter Q Starshaker: I'm pregnant with twins (and look like the size of a house). I have no idea what my body will be like after they arrive but I don't want to waste too much money on clothes that might only fit for a few weeks. What clothes could I wear that would hopefully shrink with me?

Letter A Gok: Congratulations! Don't worry how your body will look after the twins, you're about have to two little lovelies! 

Letter Q rockbudgie: What would you suggest a new (or not-so-new) mum does to regain some body confidence after enduring saggy tummy, saggy boobs and stretchmarks? I've tried magic knickers, Bio Oil, Phytaoil - which I adore - and all sorts of things but I'm still not feeling the love. 

Letter A Gok: There ain't nothing better for a post-baby tum than looking into that cot and realising why your body has changed! Nothing can make any women feel better about herself than the child she created!  

"I don't believe that anyone should 'dress their age.' It's all expressing yourself and being true to your own opinion."

Letter Q OliviaMumsnet: Gok, do you have something for us pregnant ladies?

Letter A Gok: Sorry, I don't have enough time to give you loads of preggers fashion advice on here but my book Work Your Wardobe has a whole chapter on pregnancy wear.


General clothing


Letter Q em83: Just wondering if you had any advice for me in the trouser department? I have really chunky calves and cannot walk in heels so I always wear flats, which are useful when out clubbing! 
But what trousers look the best with flat shoes?

Letter AGok: Dolly, try a pair of wide trousers that flair from the thigh. Make sure they hit the floor and keep your flats simple - very San Tropez! 

"There ain't nothing better for a post-baby tum than looking into that cot and realising why your body has changed!"

Letter Q iamfabregasted: I am 5'1", size 10 to 12, 36C boobs but I have a baby belly (and the youngest is 8) and a fat arse. 

What trousers are the best shape for me?

Letter A Gok: Sound like your bum is biteable! Try a wide leg trouser with no pockets or button to avoid extra bulk. 

Letter Q beachedwhale: I'm 43, pear-shaped and have had three kids leaving me with a saggy tum. Should I hang up my bikini now? Or can curvy old girls like me still get away with them? I did pick a bikini with big knickers but not sure if I'm past it.


If you can find the confidence to wear that bikini then do it! It's about how you feel about your body. 98% of people on that beach are gonna hate their bodies, believe me! They will look at you with open hearts!


Letter Q Laughalot: What tops should I look for with my size 38F boobs?

Letter A Gok: Girl, your bangers sound amazing! Try a v-neck and embrace the bangerage! 


Letter Q CrossGeekWantsChange: Can bigger girls pull off harems and tight tops or bodies? I have post-belly-flab overhang, but I want to steal my friends style, and look fab in something trendy!

Letter A Gok: Harem pants are quite hard to pull off for most shapes - bigger girls have to make sure the material is stiffer and also try and wear heels to balance the excess material. Also, make sure you define your waist to show your silhouette.  

Letter Q honeymom: I really love my maxi dress and thought I looked great in it. However I've had three people ask me if I'm pregnant when I wear it. Have I got the cut wrong? It's fitted at the bust and then flares down.

Letter A Gok: Try a belt just under the bust, it will help show your shape off! 


Letter Q PixieOnaLeaf: My daughter is very, very slim and takes a size 4. What is your advice for a teenager who is smaller than most of the clothes on the high street - are there any good shops for slim girls?

Letter A Gok: A seamstress is the way forward! Get her to buy a size 6-8 and get it tailored. 




Letter Q MrsJT: What can you do if you can't wear high heels for medical reasons? I have a bad back.

Letter A
Gok: Wear glam flats. I love a ballet pumps with sparkles - try customising your own! 


Letter Q Herbietea: I am disabled and can only wear flat or very low shoes. For everyday wear that is fine, but DH is in the RAF and we go to balls and evening dos in the Mess. How can I make flat shoes look good with a cocktail dress or ball gown?

Letter A Gok: Make sure your flat shoes are as glam as possible - I would suggest you get some fabulous ballet pumps and customize with some sparkles from a haberdashers!  

Letter QSuewool: I am 5' 2" and suffer from cankles, and fat ankles, and I can't wear dresses or skirts, What do you suggest? I am fed up with trousers!!

Letter A Gok: If you have thick ankles, then make sure you never wear shoes with ankle straps. Pointed stilettos are best. 


 How to Look Good Naked


Gok WanLetter Q PussinJimmyChoos: Why do people have to get naked on a catwalk to feel good about themselves? 

Don't you think we can, and should, feel good about ourselves when covered? 

You need to do a show for the Muslim girls - 'How to Look Good Covered' - but you won't be able to grab our bangers.

Letter A Gok: When my girls get naked it's simply a way of them facing all their body fears. Also a live show gives them the extra push to enjoy being looked at again. 

Letter Q domesticslattern: I get really depressed when I see your show and the husbands/partners of the women you make over. They all seem so wet. 

Why aren't these men making their women feel fantastic and treasuring them and telling them that they are sexy and saying "wow" you look great in certain clothes and buying them great jewellery? Why does it take a gay man to tell a woman that she has a fantastic figure and ought to show it off? Why aren't heterosexual men all for it too? Do you think they prefer that the women don't look too great so they are not 'out of their league'? And are there actually relationship problems after the women are all 'Gokked' and empowered? Or is the appearance of totally wet rubbish partners just something the production company likes to major on?

Letter A Gok: I think it is sometimes hard for a partner to give you compliments all the time. 

I had this happen with a lady on my show and I asked her if she ever complimented her husband and she said no. 

I think in a relationship you need to create a two-way dialogue, which is based on mutual appreciation. It should not be one part of the relationship who is solely responsible for the praise. 

Letter Q CrosswordGeekWantsChange: How do you apply to be on How to Look Good Naked??

Letter A Gok:  www.channel4.com/naked  


Letter Q Blouseenthusiast: Do any of the naked ladies ever actually go "ugh, I don't really like myself naked after all!" at the end of the show? Or do you ever get the feeling they might be thinking that but can't say it?

Letter A Gok: I have to say (touch wood) that all my girls on the show genuinely love their bodies after they have been on the show. If anyone ever walked away that didn't, then I would stop making the show.


 Dressing your age?


Letter Q Mixdemeanor: I'm having a 50th big birthday, and my 14-year-old is trying to get me to look hip and happening. I think I should dress maturely more my age. Is there a compromise do you think?

Letter A Gok: I don't believe that anyone should 'dress their age'. It's all expressing yourself and being true to your own opinion.  

"If you can find the confidence to wear that bikini then do it! It's about how you feel about your body. 98% of people on that beach are gonna hate their bodies, believe me!"

Letter Q Shallishanti: I'm 50, and currently my hair is in a rather outgrown short bob and dyed to retain my original colour, medium brown. But I reckon by now I am more or less grey all over. How do I get from here to a funky grey look? I really don't want to be mousey salt and pepper, which is why I have been dyeing it. But, I don't want to look as if I'm trying to appear 20 years younger than I am. I'm just about to undergo a major career change too, so now is a good moment for change! 
Gok my hair!

Letter A Gok: Going grey is tricky, but I think if you want to go grey gracefully then you will need to go a hair salon and get your hair stripped and then dyed professionally. Ask the hairdresser to wack on a silver toner to give it some jazz!


Fashion as a career


Letter Q Dawntigga: I'm starting a fashion foundation degree at the ripe old age of 41, what's the one thing I should really learn?

Letter A Gok: When you're at uni the one thing you must learn is you are never too old to be successful, whether that's education or a profession! 

Letter Q MadwoMen: My six-year-old DD thinks you're fab and wants to know what route she can take to become a fashion stylist?

Letter A Gok: Tell your darling daughter if she wants to be a stylist, then get drawing and never let anyone tell her ANYTHING is impossible! That's what Momma Wan told me! 


Personal life


Letter QSpidermama: Were you interested in fashion as a kid? Did you get teased because of it?

 My DS is a very camp eight-year old and he loves clothes, loves dressing dolls and girl friends as well as himself, but gets teased. Do you have any advice? 

Letter AGok: I was never teased about wanting to be stylist because I didn't know then I did want to be one. However, I was bullied lots, so please tell your son he is not alone and let him know to be in control of his voice and he has the power to say no to the teasing! Send him my love. 

Letter Q Devilsadvocaat: Do you ever have a day where you don't feel good about yourself? How do you make yourself feel better?

Letter A Gok: I often have days when I struggle with how I look. I am just the same as everyone else. What I do is have a very strong word with myself and make myself realise how lucky I am. Appearance is only as deep as your smile!  

Letter Q Dommy: Just wondered if you ever just shove on a T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms to go to the corner shop, or does that never happen?

Letter A Gok: Girl, I love my trackie! Don't be fooled by the quiff and black outfits! Some days are all about the comfort! Happy slobbing! 

Letter Q trice: I love what you do with haberdashery, I adore expressive and individual style; preferably DIY. Do you knit?

Letter A Gok: I am a terrible knitter, but don't tell my nan, she taught me!

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