Food and nutrition webchats

Some of the biggest names in all chefdom have been our guests for live webchats, bake days, pot roast days... you name it. Read and watch 'em here, in most-recent-first order.

Mary Berry signing copies of her new book Recipe for LifeMary Berry

"One of my first cooking experiences was outside with my brothers on a fire that we built at the bottom of the garden. Health and safety would not have liked it! We used to fry eggs - we had chickens and my mum used to wonder where the eggs went!" Mary Berry, September 2013 

Mary Berry became a household name as a judge on the Great British Bake Off, winning over contestants and viewers with her extensive knowledge and no-drama rapport. She has published numerous books, the most recent of which is her autobiography Recipe for Life.


Food safety webchat with Sainsbury's brand director  Judith Batchelar

"We always source products to the same high standards whether they are produced in the UK, or abroad." Judith Batchelar, March 2013

Sainsbury's brand director Judith Batchelar joined us in March to answer your questions on a range of food issues including how Sainsbury's avoided the horsemeat issue, where our food comes from and what to look for on labels and packaging.


Nigella LawsonNigella Lawson

"I don't think I'd either want to write a straight autobiography, or even remember enough to do so. When I write about food, though, I feel that I say everything that I feel about life." Nigella Lawson, December 2011

Nigella Lawson turned the TV food world on its head when her series, Nigella Bites hit the small screen in 1999. The charismatic show scooped a bag of awards, hopped the Atlantic to enthrall viewers Stateside, bred further shows and helped her sell over six million cookbooks worldwide. Find out what the domestic goddess had to say when she joined us in 2011 and talked work/life balance, her favourite recipes and downtime with husband Charles Saatchi.


Delia SmithDelia Smith

"If I could achieve one big ambition, I would like to give the whole world some gravy training. I have done it on TV, and I have written extensively about it in my books, but it still comes up over and over." Delia Smith, November 2011

Her first Christmas book, Delia Smith's Christmas, has been a cookery bible since its publication in 1994. The update, Delia's Happy Christmas, hit the shelves in 2009 and featured an invaluable 36-hour countdown to the big day's big meal. Find out what the cooking doyenne had to say when she joined us in November 2011 to answer your questions on the perfect gravy, the dangers of microwaving Christmas pudding and why licking the bowl is still so much fun.


Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, food author, broadcaster and founder of River Cottage

"The fact is, most of us are eating too much meat, and I've been saying that for a very long time. Too much for our health, too much for the health and welfare of our farm animals, and frankly, too much for the future of food production on the planet to be sustainable." Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, September 2011

Award-winning cookery writer, broadcaster and founder of River Cottage, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall joined us for an eagerly anticipated webchat in September 2011 to answer questions about his new book, River Cottage Veg Everyday, his other recipe books, food production methods and his campaigning.


Jane ClarkeJane Clarke

"I so often see that overly sweet foods, such as refined sweets and drinks, don't make children feel great, so my feeling is why would I want to give a child something that does this? Every parent has a right to choose what they give their child and yet other parents can be so overly critical if you don't go along with what they do." Jane Clarke, February 2011

Dietitian Jane Clarke visited Mumsnet in February 2011. She came to talk about her latest book, Nourish, which explains nutritional needs at every stage of life. She talked to us about the best diet for those with different medical conditions, the best foods to keep energy levels up and how to deal with children's fussy eating habits.


Antony Worrall Thompson

Anthony Worrall-Thompson

"The great thing about slow cookers is that meat, cooked well, will be very tender. Any joint of meat will be suitable but, ideally, use the cheaper cuts." Antony Worrall-Thompson, January 2011

Slow cooker supremo Antony Worrall Thompson visited MNHQ (temporarily relocated to Justine's kitchen) for a Bake Day Video' in January 2011. He showed us how to prepare a melt-in-the-mouth, one-pot roast chicken for a slow cooker (plus some top carving tips), before fielding your questions on how to get the most out of your slow cooker in a live webchat. 


Jamie Oliver

"I have never ever worked with a child of any background where if they have grown or picked something, they haven't then at least wanted to try it." Jamie Oliver, October 2010

Scourge of shoddy school dinners and father of four, mega-chef and author Jamie Oliver was our guest in October 2010 to coincide with the launch of his latest book, 30-Minute Meals. You had your cooking questions at the ready, as well as questions on school dinners, family life and whether he gets a discount at Sainsbury's.



Dan Lepard

"I find that it's better for me to plan to eat carbs - really good bread, cake, great mince pies - as a treat and to then fill up the rest of the time on lots of fresh non-starchy veg and fruit. And exercise like mad." Dan Lepard, November 2011 

The award-winning food writer and baker Dan Lepard has been in and out of the Towers so often we've adopted him. Most recently he baked a mouth-watering batch of mince pies for our 2011 bake day. Follow his step-by-step video to make your own. You can also have a go at his carrot and apple muffins from our 2010 bake day. Not to mention his hot cross buns. <Yum!> Find out what baking advice he had for Mumsnetters in his 2011 webcat.


Lesley Waters

Lesley Waters

"With fussy kids, they say that you need to introduce one new food at a time and that can take eight to ten attempts for a child to decide whether they like it. Try to serve the new foods with one of their trusted favourites - don't make it an issue, just serve and keep trying!" Lesley Waters, May 2009

Celebrity chef Lesley Waters joined us in 2009. A mum of two and team member on Ready Steady Cook and This Morning, Lesley has first-hand experience when it comes to children's eating habits. She chatted about fussy eaters, meals on a budget and suggested numerous tasty recipes.  


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