Q&A with Dr Hauschka about skin problems and sensitive skin


Elaine Robinson, head esthetician and education manager for Dr.Hauschka Skincare UK, tackled your skincare problems, ranging from rosacea and acne to sensitive skin and scalp problems. 

With 15 years' experience in the beauty and wellbeing industry as a qualified skincare and massage therapist, Elaine is responsible for all Dr.Hauschka product and esthetician training across the UK. 

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Scalp problems

Q. StarlightMackenzie: My three-year-old daughter has large, scabby flakes on her scalp that take a large amount of hair with them when they come off. My husband and son have it, too, but theirs is not as bad or as noticeable as their hair is thick and dark, whereas hers is thin and light.

The doctor simply recommended olive oil and occasional treatments with T-Gel but it makes me retch and neither actually do anything other than increase the fuss at bath-time. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Elaine: My colleague and her husband's daughter, who has eczema, as well as the usual 'cradle cap', suffered exactly as you have described. They rarely washed their daughter's hair or head with water, and just applied an atomised Facial Toner or Neem Hair Lotion, as a shampoo or cleanser for her scalp. 

They very rarely used shampoo, not even a gentle one, as the acid mantle on her head was clearly out of sync and they didn't want to exacerbate the situation. This is also why they didn't use the Neem Hair Oil (although you could) because it needs to be washed out, whereas the Neem Hair Lotion doesn't.

It wasn't an overnight miracle worker because, with eczema-like conditions, there are so many factors to contend with. It gave their daughter's scalp some relief from this constant build-up and then release of the excess flakes. Their daughter is three now and they continue with this system, but her scalp is a lot calmer and the flakes smaller.

Cold sores

Q. StarlightMackenzie: I get cold sores, around 70 a year all over my face, usually in places that acne once was, and in my eyebrows if I pluck them. Acyclovir cream does nothing. Any suggestions?

A. Elaine: I have a theory about my cold sores, which is not exactly scientific, but I think that I get cold sores when the skin on my face feels under attack, or 'invaded', so it defends itself with cold sores, so I can't touch my face any more and 'hurt' it.

My suggestion would be to build trust back up between you and your skin, little by little, with the products you use, but also with how you touch your skin. Gentle, rhythmical movements, in a routine that you eventually come to trust in. That probably sounds a bit 'way-out', but it might make sense to you?

The products that you use should support that need for gentleness and routine. I think that if you wanted to try one product first, I would suggest the Rejuvenating Mask as your skin's way into Dr.Hauschka. This is a mask designed to support the skin as it heals and strengthens. 

Sensitive skin

Q. Twoistwiceasfun: I suffer acne, primarily on my face, and especially around my mouth/chin, caused by stress and probably not helped by also having Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. I already use a topical antibiotic (alcohol-based, unfortunately, the only one that comes in a non-alcoholic lotion is no longer manufactured), but I'm not sure it makes a difference other than making me feel I am doing something. Obviously, eliminating the stress would be a good start, but I still have to pay the mortgage, so what else can I do?

A. Elaine: Stress exists, so we need to create a routine around us that supports our body and mind to be OK with that. Dr.Hauschka is a skincare regime created and established off the back of looking after stressed skin - even in the 60s they had stressed skin.

So what I would recommend is a cleanse-tone-moisturise regime that supports your skin's natural rhythms. By having this routine in place, your skin is given almost a boundary from the day-to-day stresses. It's also quite robust, so it can help you to cope with the hormonal stresses that we all suffer from, too.

Also, there are little things you can do that can help a lot - our Lavender Bath Oil in your bath or the water you use to wash your face can help you to feel calmer, and a cleansing routine in the morning/evening also give you five minutes in the bathroom to yourself. I think you should try the Daily Face Care Kit for a week.

Q. SeymoreButts: I have very sensitive skin. Through a process of trial and error I have found a handful of products that don't irritate my skin. But I have just turned 30 and I've started to notice a few fine lines appearing around my eyes. I've been experimenting with eye creams and have tried a few, and they all give me red, itchy, wrinkly skin all around my eyes.

Can you recommend an eye cream for sensitive skin? And to help me in future, are there particular ingredients in skincare products that I should avoid?

A. Elaine: Sensitivity is very difficult to live with, manage and identify the root causes of: some of us are sensitive to chemical and synthetic ingredients, and some of us sensitive to the potency of natural ingredients, so it is very difficult to know what precisely your eyes are reacting to. However, that doesn't help you!

The Eye Cream in the Dr.Hauschka Skin Care range that will best support your delicate, sensitive eye area, and your desire to minimise the appearance of fine lines appearing around your eyes, will be the Eye Contour Day Balm. You only need to use a tiny rice grain amount of the balm, warmed in your fingers and gently pressed around the eye contour area.

Q. Kay Louise: My skin has become so sensitive I can't wear any make-up or even moisturiser. Plus, I have an eczema problem in my eyes for which doctor has told me to use hydrocortisone. He also suggested taking antihistamine every day, which has helped very slightly, but I still have huge outbreaks of blisters if I use anything on my skin. It started while my daughter was having chemotherapy, so I'm guessing that was a stress trigger? I'm very nearly 40 and in desperate need of some anti-wrinkle creams and make-up. I look exhausted and spotty every day.

A. Elaine: Your skin must hurt a lot, and it must be very distressing for you. I am quite sure that your daughter's illness was very much a stress trigger, and now your skin is crying out for help - at probably the worst time for you to have any space or energy to do much.

'When our skin is this sensitive, it is quite often a really well constructed protection barrier that the skin has put in place to ensure that it feels OK, even though 'OK' is desperately uncomfortable. '

You will have to try each product carefully, and in turn, as per the norm with highly sensitive skin, because none of us really know what is the trigger. But if you skin doesn't reject the Dr.Hauschka skincare products, then they, in combination with the routine they will bring you, will be very supportive to you and your skin.

I would recommend that you begin with the Cleansing Milk, which should be used to cleanse your face at night (about a 10p-piece worth is enough). Using the unique 'press and roll' action means not scrubbing or rubbing as you apply the Milk all over your face and then gently washing it off. 

Both our cleansers thoroughly cleanse your skin without stripping it of valuable oils - for you, the Milk is gentle and nourishing for your skin, and when your skin is stronger, the Cream will work to help rebalance your skin's own moisture levels. After cleansing, apply toner or Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive.

When you wash your face, or in your bath water, try the addition of Dr.Hauschka Lavender Bath, which is both calming and strengthening to your skin.

To effectively moisturise your skin, I recommend that you use the Rose Day Cream to nourish your skin, and calm and reduce the reddening you mention. The rose is a fabulous plant, capable of all kinds of healing. If you can dare to believe that the reddening is only a temporary measure, it will help you adjust when your skin becomes calmer and less reactive. The idea is that your skin and the Dr. Hauschka products together work to heal and reduce the redness.

Once your skin is comfortable with the new routine, I would suggest the addition of the Rejuvenating Mask, which soothes sensitive and inflamed skin. Apply sparingly to the face, avoiding the eyes, after cleansing, leave for 10-20 minutes, then remove any excess that hasn't soaked in with a warm damp cloth. This product is most effective as a weekly treatment. It is a wonderfully cooling product for hot, reddened skin and, as well as using it as a mask, you could also apply a sparing layer under your Rose Day Cream in the mornings.

I mentioned the Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive. This is a product specifically for reddened sensitive skin. Ideally, you should use these special ampoules as soon as you are happy that your skin is happy with Dr. Hauschka. One ampoule should be used morning and evening in place of Facial Toner for 28 days. Time will tell if your skin needs more of the Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive after 28 days.

Take the ampoule and flick the top to get the liquid to the bottom. The ampoules should be broken open with a tissue or towel to protect your fingers. Tap out the contents, and gently press into your face. I really hope that your skin accepts the Dr.Hauschka products. 

Mature skin

Q. Chipstick10: I find there are too many moisturisers to choose from. What do you recommend for a woman in her 40s with no particular skin problems? Not too dry or oily, but with slightly enlarged pores on chin.

A. Elaine: The Regenerating Day Cream is the Day Cream from Dr.Hauschka for those of us over 40, who want to best support our skin as the fine lines and wrinkles begin to arrive. It is created to support the loss of elasticity that the skin has with age.

The Rose Day Cream is also a one-stop wonder shop, and works really beautifully to keep dry sensitive skin feeling moisturised and plump. They both support the natural elasticity of the pores, but the product in the Dr.Hauschka skincare range that is created to refine pores is the Rejuvenating Mask, applied in a thin layer under day cream, or a once-a-week mask.

So, to Rose or to Regenerate? As you describe your skin as not too dry or oily, I would recommend you go for the Regenerating Day Cream, which is formulated especially for those of us over 40 and concerned about the ageing process.  

Q. ElectricSoftParade: I am (I think) peri-menopausal. I have, luckily, always had very good skin, but now it is dry, then greasy, then dry etc. I do have wrinkles, that is to be expected, but I just don't know how to treat my skin at the moment. Is there anything you would recommend?

"The key thing for skin is rhythm and routine."

A. Elaine: It sounds as if your skin is in transition. There is a lot going on here - potentially the influence of your hormone levels are changing, which in turn plays a part in the sebum levels your skin is naturally producing, and your skin is dealing with all that change in the best way it knows how. 

The key thing for skin is rhythm and routine, so I would strongly recommend the cleanse-tone ritual from Dr.Hauschka, using the Cleansing Cream to work to support your skin moving back to balance. Using this with your muslin and Lavender Bath in your water is a simple, quick and effective means of enabling your skin to relax. 

Because your skin is in this transitional phase, and this being the key theme for you right now, I would strongly recommend the Rhythmic Night Conditioner - a product wholly designed to balance and support skin through change - whether it be stress, seasonal effects, or hormonal change. The natural ingredients are brought together to make a product that harmonises and balances your skin.

For your Day Cream, I would recommend the Melissa Day Cream initially; this is a cream designed to treat skin that is both dry and oily. Once you have a sense of balance back, then we can talk about the Regenerating Range of Dr.Hauschka products, which will support your skin's naturally occurring elasticity, in turn helping to smooth and refine your wrinkles - not to pretend they are not there, or that they aren't part of you, but to help you and they make friends!

Skincare routine

Q. Aristocat: I swim four times a week and need to moisturise my skin every time. Is it possible to over-moisturise? Do you have any suggestions for me please?

A. Elaine: It is possible to over-moisturise at night, as a rich cream applied at night actually blocks the skin's natural functions. In the daytime, one generally can't over-moisturise, although you should apply moisturiser once a day, in the morning. However, it is very likely that swimming will wash away your morning moisuriser application, so it is perfectly normal to apply again after swimming. Take your Facial Toner and Day Cream to the pool with you, and then you can re-apply before you leave.

"It is possible to over moisturise at night, as a rich cream applied at night actually blocks the skin's natural functions. In the daytime, one generally can't over moisturise, although you should apply moisturiser once a day, in the morning."

Q. PerAr6UA: Why does all the literature say that you shouldn't wear moisturiser at night? I produce no measurable sebum, and my face is only too tight if I rinse with water only. What would you recommend?

A. Elaine: In truth, we used to say that you 'shouldn't wear a moisturiser at night' to get our message across with greater impact - some of us can't imagine not wearing a rich cream at night. What we advocate is a serum/water-based night care preparation.

Our skin has certain jobs to do, and those jobs (or functions) are different in the day time from the night time. At night, our skin's function is to release and eliminate the toxins that skin produces and in some cases has absorbed through the day.

This elimination is done through the pores, so if a rich cream is applied, those pores are less able to release, and do their job. A water-based night care preparation allows the skin to be fed and nourished, and allows the pores to breathe.

When you are washing with water only, the water is cleansing your skin but it isn't supporting your skin's own natural functions and sebum production. The best Dr.Hauschka skincare product I can recommend to you would be the Rhythmic Night Conditioner, which both acts to feed your skin, but also gives an impulse to your skin - reminds it what its nightly functions are, which in turn supports your skin's own natural rhythms to be restored. This means comfortable skin in the daytime, and at night, without a creamy night cream applied. 



'When our skin is so sensitive and out of balance, avoid extremes. When you wash your face ensure that the water you use is warm - tepid even - not cold or hot.'

Q. Wideawake: I have suffered from rosacea for 10 years plus, which has worsened since having my son. My main problem area is my nose, which is continuously red, dry and flaky, despite trying every product under the sun. I find that make-up barely stays on for very long too. Please help, I am at a loss!

A. Elaine: The first thing I want to say is that when our skin is so sensitive and out of balance, avoid extremes. When you wash your face ensure that the water you use is warm - tepid even - not cold or hot. In your bath or shower, keep the water from being too hot. Avoid spicy foods and alcohol. Drink plenty of water and eat as much fresh fruit and veg as possible. Why? To help your body clean itself out from the inside out, while the products help heal your skin from the outside in.

To help strengthen and calm your skin, I recommend that you use the Lavender Bath in your warm face washing water, bath and/or shower regularly. As stated above, it is also critical that you have your face washing water and bath/shower at a warm temperature, not hot or cold. When our skin is so sensitive to the elements we must try to keep the equilibrium. Wear layers of clothes so that you can adjust your body temperature to the temperature of the room quickly, which will help calm your skin.

Finally, I must mention a difference with our 'methods' and those of other companies. Don't scrub - ever - with a Dr. Hauschka face care product. The skin on the face is too delicate. When you use the cleansers, use the unique 'press and roll' action with your hands and fingers, creating a suction effect. Be slow in all your procedures - it is easier to be gentle when we are not rushing.

So now to how to use the products: to cleanse and balance your lovely skin - and it is lovely, despite the soreness and redness it puts you through - you should use the Cleansing Milk, Cleansing Cream and Facial Toner morning and evening.

The Cleansing Milk should be used to cleanse your face - at night use it to remove your make-up (use a little of the Milk with damp cotton wool/eye pad). Cleanse with the Milk by wetting your face gently, and them applying the Milk (about a 10p-piece worth is enough). Using a press and roll action, not scrubbing or rubbing, apply the Milk all over your face and then gently wash off. Use the Cleansing Cream in the mornings to deep cleanse your skin, and to calm the oiliness/dryness you write about.

Dr.Hauschka logoRemember - do not scrub! The Cream cleanses deeply through the ingredients and through the press and roll action already mentioned. After cleansing, apply a cool compress or cool splash of water (not cold) then apply Facial Toner or Intensive Conditioner 03 (which is a product specifically for reddened, hyper-sensitive skin.) The Dr. Hauschka Cleansers maintain the skin's natural pH, and deep cleanse with a press and roll action, while not disturbing the skin's natural rhythm.

To effectively moisturise your skin, I recommend that you use the Rose Day Cream to nourish your skin and calm the sensitivity. Mix with or apply on top of the Rejuvenating Mask to help heal your skin. For added protection from the elements, apply Quince Day Cream on top if necessary.

You mention that make-up barely stays on for long; the Toned Day Cream, which is a very similar consistency to Rose Cream but with a tint, can be used on its own as a tinted moisturiser or applied sparingly over the other products to give a natural glow and extra protection.

Rejuvenating Mask is another product I would recommend for your skin, especially your nose; this creamy product contains extracts of quince, (Anthyllis) woundwort, borage, chamomile and carrot to refine enlarged pores and normalise impure skin, stimulate dry skin, soothe cool and decongest sensitive and inflamed skin.

Apply sparingly to the face, neck and chest after cleansing, leave for 10-20 minutes then remove any excess with a warm damp cloth. This product is most effective as a weekly treatment. This is a wonderfully cooling product for itchy sore skin and as well as using it as a mask you could also apply a sparing layer under your Rose Day Cream in the mornings.

Your skin is giving you a difficult time. This is not necessarily bad - it allows you to be aware of yourself in a way most people have no idea about. Your skin is perhaps out of balance, and healing takes time. We are all so different, and we don't necessarily have to fit the trend - be you, and forgive your skin all the difficulties it gives you! 

"When your skin is giving you a difficult time, it's not necessarily bad - it allows you to be aware of yourself in a way most people have no idea about."

Q. Issynoko: I'm another person with rosacea. I have recently swapped to all Dr.Hauschka products and it is helping my skin feel much more comfortable, but you couldn't say it was looking that much better. Also, I was amazed to find my big flaky patches of skin have disappeared after I stopped applying moisturiser at night as advised by Dr.Hauschka.

Is there anything you'd particularly recommend and is it really possible to reduce the appearance of rosacea with skincare alone? And what make-up should I wear to cover the redness without looking like a mask?

A. Elaine: It is wonderful that you have shared your experience of Dr Hauschka helping your skin to feel comfortable, for that should actually be a prerequisite of all skincare, and yet, for so many of us, we accept discomfort, assuming we can't have, or don't deserve to be comfortable.

Yes, your skin really can reduce the appearance of rosacea, but it will take time, because your skin has to strengthen and it has to renew in a healthy, natural way. Rosacea is one of the learnt ways our skin has developed to protect itself; generally, when our skin us under attack (from stress or the elements, or how we treat it), it can thicken, and toughen up, or it can thin, and become ultra-exposed. Rosacea is the skin ultra-exposed.

So, above and beyond the Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Ritual, your skin will feel supported by the Rose Day Cream, which is just the most profound protection for your skin as it begins this journey back to natural well-being. Intensive Conditioner 03 used at night works again to soothe reddened skin, helping the capillaries to ease, and the skin to be less translucent. Above all, be consistent in your skincare, be gentle with your skin, and these two elements in combination with the products, really can make a positive difference.

In terms of make-up, the Toned Day Cream is a very similar consistency to Rose Cream but with a tint, so you and your skin will feel very familiar using that, and it brings an evening of skin tone, and a healthy, natural glow. The Translucent make-ups are all also easy to use, give a light, even covering and there are five natural shades to suit your skin tone, or they can be mixed to create your personal blend.



Q. Smileandsun: I have blackhead-prone skin and the monthly break-out as well. I have some scarring and enlarged pores on my cheeks. I have been recommended Fraxel treatment to reduce the scarring and help to minimise the open pores, but I can't really find too much information about it online.

A. Elaine: The Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Cream will work to support the elimination of your blackheads, and refine the pores on your cheeks. This product is such a simple, gentle cleanser, with stunning results. Use morning and evening, with a 'press and roll' action to ensure that your skin receives the most benefits from using the products. You then need to combine with Clarifying Toner and Melissa Day Cream for your best product combination.

As a boost for your skin as it begins to rediscover its natural balance, to reduce the scarring on your face and to support your pores as they refine, try the Rejuvenating Mask.

I would also recommend a monthly gentle facial steam using the addition of our Facial Steam Bath to your steamy water with its daisy, nasturtium and witch hazel to help encourage the skin's detoxification processes and followed by the application of Cleansing Clay Mask to draw out the impurities and to help smooth, refine and reduce inflammation.

I couldn't find much information on Fraxel either, so would not like to advise on this, but I do recommend that you give your skin a chance of normalising itself using improved skincare techniques and products designed to work with your skin rather than just on your skin. 

Q. Wakemewhenitsover: I've always suffered with acne but recently it has got worse and I now have what seems to be boils appearing along the jawline and neck area (I'm 37). I also suffer with basal cell carcinomas, and had several removed from my face so wondered if you could recommend anything to minimise scarring from these and the acne. I have yet to find a good moisturiser with a decent SPF that doesn't clog the pores.

A. Elaine: The Dr.Hauschka skincare routine can really support your acne, with the Cleansing Cream becoming your new best friend. This is a really brilliant, gentle cleanser that works with the 'press and roll' action. Jennifer Hudson was quoted this year in 'Pride' magazine as saying that she uses the DH Cleansing Cream every day.

'We need a certain amount of sun for our skin's health and wellbeing, so wearing an SPF in our moisturiser every day can work to undermine our skin's needs.'

The next step in your daily routine should be the Clarifying Toner, followed by Normalising Day Oil with its regulating effect, which is particularly helpful for oily, blemished skin with large pores and a tendency to inflammation. These products all work to refine, calm and strengthen your skin as it adjusts from the state of acne trauma, towards naturally balanced skin.

The product most important for minimising scarring is the Rejuvenating Mask, which you would get most benefit from by applying daily in a thin layer under the Normalising Day Oil, and then once a week as a mask. It works to soften the surface scarring, supporting the new skin cells. I highly recommend the Intensive Conditioner 02, which is designed specifically for skin under acne stress.

We don't currently add an SPF to our moisturisers for two reasons. First, we need a certain amount of sun for our skin's health and wellbeing, so wearing one in our moisturiser every day can work to undermine our skin's needs. Second, our manufacturer is not satisfied that it can make a wholly natural mineral sun cream, and so will not compromise the Dr.Hauschka standards by trying.

I personally choose not to use sunscreens as I prefer to feel the sun on my skin, but in moderation while endeavouring to avoid harmful over-exposure. I cannot provide a personal recommendation for a moisturiser with an SPF, but I have heard from attendees at my training that there are several good natural ones available. It will be a bit of trial and error for you to find one that suits you and your skin.


Dr.Hauschka products

Q. Whojimmyflip: Although I think Dr.Hauschka is lovely, I wonder why your prices are so high. When I go shopping I often look at your range, but am put off by the high costs as I can see that a line such as Weleda has similar products for a lot less.

On a slightly separate note, I am a make-up artist and I think that the make-up range needs some serious rebranding. I think there are some really good products yet the packaging and display points are very underwhelming.

A. Elaine: Thank you so much for your feedback, I will share these with our brand team. On the matter of price, Dr.Hauschka is a mid-range brand, and is priced fairly competitively within that bracket, but the prices aren't set to define where the brand sits in the store; the prices ensure that the steps from the seed being sown, through to the harvesting, processing and then on to the packaging - and all the people employed in the whole chain's needs - are met in a sustainable way.

Dr.Hauschka is not a brand after a 'fast buck' - we will never sell out to another competitor, we are held in a trust to ensure that we can stay true to our core values, which are primarily to produce 100% authentic, wholly natural skincare products that your skin would choose to use if it could (even if we don't get the packaging quite right all the time).

Q. Rattusrattus: Do you do a fake tan?

A. Elaine: We have two - Toned Day Cream, which is similar in consistency to Rose Day Cream but with a tint, giving a really healthy glowing complexion, and Translucent Bronze Concentrate, which can be mixed with your face or body moisturiser and applied to give a wonderful bronzed look. Both are applied as and when you want to have a sun-kissed boost. As with any fake tan products, you do need to be careful when applying them near white clothing.

Q. Quizzicalmarsupial: What is the difference, in terms of their purpose and effect, between the glass ampoules of Rhythmic Night Conditioner for sensitive skin and the spray bottle Intensive Treatment No.3?

I've used both in the past (the spray both morning and night, the ampoules just at night as directed) and both have worked within 24 hours to reduce hormonal and seasonal outbreaks of itchiness, dry patches, red patches, and both on separate occasions have restored balance totally to my skin over the following 28 days. Is the difference in these two products just one's preference for application method?

Using Dr.Hauschka products exactly as I've been instructed to do so (right down to the muslin cloth compress rung out with lavender oil in the basin of warm water) has given me clear, glowing, fabulous skin for the first time since I was 12. I cannot tell you what it has done for my self-esteem and my confidence levels, these days I can enjoy wearing make-up too, as previously. 

A. Elaine: How wonderful to hear your experience and know how effective you have found the Dr.Hauschka skincare products.

"Comfortable skin seems to out of reach to us - we have almost become conditioned to believe that skin can hurt, or be sensitive, or sting when we apply a product, and that is OK. But it is not OK! Skin does not have to hurt, and we can use products that not only feels wonderful to apply and wear, but are also effective in caring for our own skin condition."

I am really struck by how you have named the deep-rooted connection between your self-esteem and confidence levels and how comfortable your skin is feeling.

This is something I can wholly associate with. Comfortable skin seems to out of reach to us - we have almost become conditioned to believe that skin can hurt, or be sensitive, or sting when we apply a product, and that is OK. But it is not OK! Skin does not have to hurt, and we can use products that not only feel wonderful to apply and wear, but are also effective in caring for our own skin condition. 

Your question regarding the Intensive Conditioner 03 and the Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive is a really interesting one.

Although on the tin it appears that they do the same work, perhaps it helps for those of us with sensitive skin to see the Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive as your skin's daily support system, and the Intensive Conditioner 03 as a rocket-propelled impulse for your skin to regain its balance.

The Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive is a product wholly designed for the effects we experience when we have sensitive skin which shows signs of redness, warmth and heat, such as couperose and rosacea, also skin which tears easily, or is so translucent that every emotion seems etched on the face, or where the capillaries appear to be nearer the surface of the skin and are dilated or broken.

The Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive works, sometimes over stretches of time, to support the strengthening of overstretched weak and fragile capillary walls. So it's ideal for someone who blushes easily, or someone whose skin reacts with redness when they go from a cool room to a warm room, or for sunburn, where the skin is damaged and incredibly warm.

Intensive Conditioner 03 is a product created and designed to help bring back balance and provide a healing and normalising boost to nervous stress-related skin conditions, which can be blotchy, dry, bumpy and may also be reddened and sensitive. It is designed to be used four times a year in place of your Facial Toner or Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive. This skin we might call hypersensitive and reactive.

These hypersensitive conditions occur for many reasons, and at any stage of our life. Intensive Conditioner 03 specifically addresses the needs of hypersensitive skin by smoothing, strengthening and helping the skin to protect itself through the skin's own regenerative powers. Intensive Conditioner 03 is a booster product that can really help your skin to be jump-started back to balanced health and comfortable well-being.

Your three-monthly routine could consist of:

  • Month one: Morning - Facial Toner, Evening - Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive
  • Month two Morning - Facial Toner, Evening - Facial Toner
  • Month three Morning - Intensive Conditioner 03, Evening -Intensive Conditioner 03

Q. Tenebrist: Dr.Hauschka's parent company is WALA. Forgive the scepticism, but I fail to see the link between Steiner's thing about 'rhythm' and skin cream. Are there 'real' active ingredients causing the improvement in your skincare products, or is it homeopathic-style 'woo'? In other words, what makes your products unique in comparison with those of your 'natural skincare' competitors (I'm thinking of Weleda, Body Shop etc)?

I live in Germany, by the way, so I know that Dr.Hauschka has a pretty good reputation in the cosmetics sections of health food stores, but have always put it down to people feeling virtuous about themselves because they've spent a lot of money on something that promotes itself as natural.

A. Elaine: Skin has rhythms, it regenerates in a daily cycle and is responsive to the human rhythms such as the female cycle. The Dr.Hauschka routine boosts the daily rhythm with the physical routine of cleansing and with night care products that stimulate the regeneration of the skin during the night.

I was once told by a WALA scientist that everybody gets so excited about the amazing preservation process and the incredible vitality and quality of the ingredients, which is quite true, but they miss out on half the story, because equally amazing, in his view, was the skill with which WALA select and mix the ingredients.

Keeping natural products stable with long shelf lives is tricky, and the choice of ingredients and the way they are physically combined lie at the heart of the success that WALA has. Dr.Hauschka is a globally successful brand, that has earned wide respect in the cosmetics industry because it works well, because people get better skin when they use the products, and because it has stood the test of time, being 45 years old now.

The Dr.Hauschka products contain many active ingredients, all of which are natural, and some of which are created using the WALA rhythmic technique. 

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