How to Embed YouTube videos in Travel reviews on Mumsnet

To link a video to the Travel review pages on Mumsnet, you must first have a video uploaded to YouTube.
(Please see YouTube help to find out how to upload a video.)

Once you have the video on YouTube, navigate to it in your web browser or use the search function (see below)

YouTube search utility to find video to upload to Travel reviews on Mumsnet




When viewing the video there is a box to the right (see below)

Location of the Embed link to use for the video on Travel review pages at Mumsnet




There you will see a text box containing a link labelled "Embed". This is the link you need.
Click on the link once and the whole link should be highlighted (see below), then in the browser menu click "Edit" and then "Copy".

YouTube embed link highlighted to put into the Travel review page of Mumsnet




Go back to your review and paste the link in by selecting "Edit" and then "Paste" from the browser menu.

Last updated: about 3 years ago