Mums to new mums: you've got this

Feeling totally overwhelmed as a new parent? Take it from people who have been there, done that, and lived to tell the tale: you've got this.

With thanks to our Mumsnet vloggers, we've put together 6 helpful pieces of advice to help you through those first few steps in parenthood.

1. The cleaning can totally wait but YOU actually need to sleep

'Most people with a new baby will just really suffer at night time, especially when it’s your first baby and you've gone from sleeping maybe six, eight hours in one long stretch to having this new baby who is probably going to be waking you up every hour and a half, two hours possibly even more than that.

When my son used to nap I would be on the sofa fast asleep, and it made the world of difference to me'

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2. You might get caught out, once or twice

‘About four pm until about eight or nine pm until she went to sleep she would just cry. I thought you just fed babies and they cried if they were hungry or cried if they were tired… I didn't realise that they just cried for no reason’

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3. And you may lose your mind… but only because you’re over thinking

'I remember having these nightmares that I had left the baby in bed after I'd breastfed him and I'd wake up and go; Where's the baby! and my husband would be like “In the moses basket next to the bed, weirdo,”'

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4. Things don’t go to plan

'I was in labour for two and a half days and I ended up having an emergency caesarean. So that was the time I thought 'right everything I've just read of this beautiful, calm birth, that didn't apply to me'. It was like I'd been hit with a ton of bricks I could not believe how much pain I was going to go through'

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5. Remember that everyone’s journey is different

'Whatever works for someone doesn't necessarily work for you. I would give people advice when I had just my daughter thinking that whatever I did for her would work for them but when I had my son everything was completely different. You really have to trust your instincts.

People do think that they know best but actually nine times out of 10 you know best. The pressure you put on yourself to be like other people or to be coping better like other people is huge, The most important thing for me was to not put pressure on myself and to accept that I'm doing okay my child is thriving!'

6. Don’t sweat it too much

'It's okay just to stay home and It’s okay if she only has a bath once or twice a week… I just felt that I had to do everything and I had to be superwoman. I just wish someone had told me that its okay if you skip a few things and if you have a few shortcuts. When you've got teenagers you will look back one day and you will miss the baby days so much'

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