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According to Kids

Kids telling it like it is. Brutally honest, funny and thought-provoking, our kids tackle anything and everything.

In this week's special Remembrance According to Kids, we've partnered with The Royal British Legion and their 'Thank you' campaign, to celebrate the pioneers of the First World War through the objects invented or popularised during that period.

Kids discuss World War I items

From tea-bags to wrist-watches, zippers to tissues – we ask kids to think about how inventions come to be, who made them, and what modern invention they could not live without…

Kids guess what fruit is in their drink

We put some young taste buds to the test in this video to see if they could identify the fruit flavours contained within some of the Honest Kids Organic fruit juice drinks range.

Kids play 'heads up'

We asked some kids to play a game of 'Heads Up'. Their partner has to describe the card on their head!

Kids tell us what they'd do with £100

Six children tell us what they'd do with £100.

Kid sends email to her mum's boss

We challenged 8 year old Summer to email her mum's boss to ask for some time off work… we don't think 'Boss Cheryl' bought it.

Kids give the England football team some handy advice

We asked some kids to give the England Football team some advice for the World Cup.

Kids describe their Dads for Father's Day

We asked some kids to describe their dad for Father's Day

Kids attempt to explain adult words

Kids define adult words

Kids give Harry and Meghan some marriage advice

We asked some kids to give Harry and Meghan some advice for the royal wedding. Our favourite? 'Have good dance moves!'

Kids review with retro toys

Kids review retro toys: a Tamagotchi, Polaroid camera, Gameboy and Bop It! A real blast from the past.

Kids give their opinion on retro technology

Our panelist of kids get a blast from the past as they review retro tech, from a record player – “It's never going to fit in my pocket!” to – shock horror – an analogue camera

Kids give their opinion on the 'football is for boys' debate

'Football is only for boys'? Not according to these girls

Kids give their take on what parenting really is

Kids discuss what they think parenting is really like