Visiting CBeebies Land and Hotel with children

CBeebies Land rides

Nestled among the stomach-churning rides of Alton Towers, you’ll find bright and colourful CBeebies Land, now with its own hotel. Here's what you need to know before you dive head first into the world of children's telly.

CBeebies Land prices and vouchers

Entrance for the CBeebies Land part of the park is included in your Alton Towers ticket price. These can be expensive but if you shop around beforehand there are usually offers to be had. Often there’s a 2-for-1 deal on specially marked packs of cereals or chocolate.

When to get to the park?

The official park opening time is 10am but if you book your ticket online or stay at the CBeebies Land Hotel, you are able to get in earlier, from 9am. There's likely to still be a hefty queue but once the gates open at 9am, it moves very quickly.

Top tip: The Octonauts Adventure Rollercoaster and the newly opened Go Jetters Vroomster Zoom Ride are the most popular so head to these first if they’re on your list of favourites. The Furchester Hotel is a great little performance and a huge hit with kids.

Where to eat inside the park?

The food is fairly standard theme-park fare (ie: expensive and usually served with a rather long queue), so our advice is to bring your own packed lunch if you can. There is a lovely green spot in the middle of CBeebies Land itself where you can picnic and watch whatever outdoor show they have on at that particular moment, but it also might be nice to wander out of CBeebies Land into the main area of Alton Towers. It’s a beautifully maintained park with plenty of grassy areas to chill out on.

Top tip before you leave: There are toilets just before the exit for pre-journey home wees. Forget to use them at your peril…

Staying at the new CBeebies Land Hotel

If you really want to throw yourself into the whole experience then you could consider staying at the newly-opened CBeebies Land Hotel. Pretty much like stepping straight into your TV screen, a stay here is your average kid's dream. Be prepared to channel your four-year-old self and go with the flow, or you’ll find it all a bit overwhelming.

What are the rooms like?

There are 76 rooms in total, all of them themed, from the curtains, the bathroom walls, right down to the carpet. Hope you don't suffer from migraines. The first tier sleeps a family of four, and is decked out all over with the yellow CBeebies Bugbies. Prices for these rooms start from £197 a night.

Next up are the premium themed rooms from £272 a night, each based around a particular show – choose from a whole raft of favourites, including Postman Pat, Something Special, Octonauts, Swashbuckle and In The Night Garden. Lots of fun little details set each room apart, such as the giant jewels on the windowsills and ‘gold coins’ next to the tea and coffee in the Swashbuckle room.

The suites are huge, sleeping up to seven, and starting from £347 a night. What’s great is that the children’s section (bunkbeds plus a trundle bed should you need it) is separated from the adult bedroom area by the bathroom, which makes it feel like you have two separate rooms, and enables you to have a bit of an evening to yourselves once the kids are in bed.

The rooms are filled with family-friendly features – kids' shampoos, toilet seats, cot, baby bath, bottle warmer and more are included in every room. There are a number of special-access rooms too.

What’s the food like at the CBeebies Land Hotel?

Food is served in the Windmill Restaurant, arranged in three themed rooms – the castle, the windmill and the library. The adult food is decent, though predictably a bit on the steep side (around £14 for most mains) but the design-your-own pizza option is a fab idea: kids make a picture of their ideal pizza with provided stickers for toppings. This then gets given to the chef who recreates it with the real ingredients.

Top tip 1: Ask to be seated in the castle section if possible. It seems to be the area preferred by most kids, and it’s also far enough away from the entertainment area that they aren't too distracted and can concentrate on their dinner for a bit.

Top tip 2: While you’re waiting for your food to arrive, make the most of the complimentary snacks around the windmill including things like breadsticks, hummus, vegetable crudités and delicious roasted chickpeas.


The hotel promises a daily 14-hour entertainment schedule in the Musical Meadow, a lounge area with a stage where CBeebies characters do a constant turnaround of interactive activities. This is a great opportunity for the kids to properly exhaust themselves before bedtime. At 9pm there’s some pre-bedtime stargazing, followed by storytime in the library.

Top tip: Grown-ups can retire to the bar area – helpfully right behind the kids’ entertainment area – and try out one of the delicious Gin Brambles. If you close your eyes, you could almost imagine you’re at Café del Mar. That is until the Go Jetters theme tune starts up again.