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The perks of booking a package holiday

“I just don’t know what to do with all the time I have on my hands,” said no parent, ever. So when it comes to booking your next family holiday how about taking one job off your multitasking list – that of travel agent? Modern package holiday companies do all the hard work for you – so your only big decision should be your choice of poolside read

1. It’s a holiday for EVERYONE

holiday childrens club

Whether you’re planning to use them a little or a lot, there’s no doubt that having a well-run kids’ club offers frazzled parents a bit of a break. The kids enjoy some well-planned and fun activities for a few hours while you finally get the chance to crack open your Kindle. Or relax in the sun.

“They’re brilliant for children – loads of activities around the pool and kids' clubs are great. If you don't want to join in then you don't have to. The holiday reps and entertainment reps we always found to be lovely too."

“Our three-year-old daughter loved the kids' club in Egypt so much it was a struggle to get her to come and spend some time with us!”

2. The holiday is as flexible as you want it to be

family eating

If your idea of a perfect holiday is finding the best beachside café or heading out to eat every night, then opt for bed and breakfast. On the other hand, if you're travelling with a big group your sanity and bank balance might mean you’re better off going All inclusive.

“My daughter loved being able to just get up and snack on whatever she fancied.”

“I found with a child that the advantage was endless soft drinks and ice cream – no need to stress if a drink is spilled or child loses interest.”

“I don't want to bother paying money or signing to the room every time I want a drink. I don't want to have to think about it. I just want another cold drink.”

3. Fancy a swim-up room? Or your own private pool?

swim up hotel room

If variety is the spice of life, then package holiday hotels have got a whole lot tastier. You can pick from family rooms where the living area is partitioned off, giving you the chance to chill out in comfort when the kids are asleep. Or how about one with your own plunge pool?

“We had a swim-up room next to the main pool and you could chill out on the balcony and wave to the pool bar tender who would bring you drinks, ice cream and crisps etc. My daughter was six when we went and she loved it.”

4. Speaking of pools, package hols are the perfect learn-to-swim opportunity

swimming lessons holiday

If getting up at the crack of dawn to take your kids to learn to swim in a cold, chlorinated local swimming pool has little or no allure, you might find booking swimming lessons on holiday a transformative experience. Strangely enough a warm pool, bathed in sunshine, is a much more comfortable learning environment.

“Both of mine had loads of lessons, but actually 'learnt', as in swam more than a stroke or two, on holiday when they were in the pool every day.”

5. Life is too short to be chief cook and bottle washer AND travel agent

family on holiday

There are upwards of 200 million reviews on TripAdvisor. And that’s before you get into working out which airline to fly with and how to get from the airport to your hotel. But all that pales into insignificance when you thinking about protection on holiday. Book with an ATOL-backed travel company and your money is protected – which means peace of mind for you.

“Package holidays are fantastic. Everything arranged for you plus financial protection.”

“Sometimes just knowing that all you have to do is get on the plane, and then everything is organised for you, makes life so much easier.”

6. The clue is in the name

holiday coach transport

Package holidays bring every little element of a family holiday together, from booking the airplane and hotel to sorting out your transfer the minute you touch down in paradise. They can arrange baby equipment so there's no excess luggage charge that costs more than your holiday. And once you’re on holiday, the team are there to answer any questions and help with any issues.

“We have never done a standard package holiday but last summer we booked a week in Greece with TUI. It was fabulous. They sorted out flights, accommodation and car hire. The service was great – everything was smooth, we were met at the airport, the car was available straight away and the rep was very helpful.”

Did you know?

Double Olympic champion, Rebecca Adlington, launched swim schools this summer at 13 different TUI Family Life Resorts. Places can be booked when you arrive on your holiday and they’re suitable for four to nine-year-olds.

There will always be staff on hand at TUI kids' clubs who are trained to UK standards, and all staff are DBS checked or equivalent.