Skiing with children where to go and what to take

Planning a first-time family skiing trip but ever so slightly daunted by the thought of letting your children loose on the snow? Or are you a seasoned expert, looking to find out which ski holidays are rated by fellow Mumsnetters?

No matter what you're after in terms of skiing holiday advice, we've got it covered: reviews, tips, family-friendly resort round-ups and plenty more.

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Ski holiday packing list

Thermal underwear? Wraparound sunglasses? Be confident you've got all the necessary clobber before you leave the country with our guide and printable packing checklist.

Skiing with children

Planning your first skiing holiday as a family? Things are a little different with kids in tow. Get top-notch insider information from others who've done it.

Where to ski with babies and toddlers

toddler ski slopes

We round-up the best family-friendly ski destinations as reviewed by Mumsnetters. All the features you need to keep the whole family happy.

Tips for booking a ski holiday

family ski lift

If your family are new to the slopes, there's a few things worth considering before you book that ski holiday. Check through our tips before parting with your cash.

Family skiing on a budget

saving money holiday

Follow our tips to cut costs on your family's trip to the snow, without missing out on the fun. We're talking all the things you do – and don't – need.

Travelling to the Alps

ski road

Flying to ski resorts can be a tremendous hassle when you've small children in tow; taking the train or driving yourself can be easier, cheaper and more fun. Here's how to do it.

Been skiing recently?

Upload your review, and tell other Mumsnetters which chalets or hotels have all the amenities families could wish for – whether that's proximity to the chairlift or access to great apres-ski activities.

Join the skiing discussion

Questions about skiing? Don't be left out in the cold: come and join the discussion on our skiing board and talk to other snow-lovers about the where, when and how of hitting the slopes.