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Seven nightmarish holiday moments

Stressed family

If you don’t laugh you’ll cry… Admiral asked Mumsnetters to share their holiday nightmares – and they delivered. Read on for the good, the bad, and the ugly – and don't forget to claim an exclusive 20% off your travel insurance with Admiral

Stick 'em up

“I will never forget the time we went on holiday as a family many years ago. My brother was about three or four and wanted to take his toy gun on holiday with him. He had asked my mum and she had said no. We were waiting to board the flight when our names were called over the tannoy. We were taken into a room where staff proceeded to show us the x-ray scan with a clear image of the a gun in there. My monkey of a brother had snuck the toy in without us knowing.”

Mistakes of youth

“Aged 19, in an Amsterdam hotel: My bed got vomited on, I came back to strangers shagging in my room, my shoes got stolen, I lost my keys and had to sit in a Burger King for hours waiting for my friends to get back from a rave. First and last time I stayed in a hostel.”

Travelling with old friends

“During my first holiday abroad with my then boyfriend (not husband), I was trying to ooze glamorous, jet-setter chic… that was until my rag-eared, missing-a-foot, dirty, 25-year-old cuddly bunny rabbit fell out of my suitcase when we got to the hotel. Luckily, he found it all quite charming.”

Cheeky monkeys

“We were hiking through the rainforest when an enormous gang of monkeys descended on us – one of them stole my lunch! We ran away and hid from them until they had disappeared off again.”

Ahead of your time

“A few years back, we landed in New Zealand at around 1am after a very unpleasant and turbulent flight from the Cook Islands with an air-sick 18-month-old. Except, I misunderstood the International Date Line – meaning we were a day early. Cue lots of panicked phone calls to a very unimpressed guest house owner who I woke up and then got to pick us up. On the plus side, we did get a whole extra day to enjoy there.”

To add insult to injury…

“We went to Spain and just about everything that could have gone wrong, did. Rain all week, hail the size of ice cubes, bed bugs in all the rooms. Oh, and the hotel caught fire.”

Wasted expense

“Two words: vomiting bug. Worst holiday ever and cost an absolute bloody fortune (not least in laundry…)”