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7 must-pack items for a family cruise

Ensure happy family sailing - without going overboard - with Mumsnetters' list of must-pack items for a hitch-free cruise.

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1. Multi-plug extension lead

multiple plugs

The likelihood of having more than a couple of sockets in your cabin is, let's be honest, slim. And no doubt you will have plenty of items relying on batteries. Avoid arguments over who's device should be charged first by packing a multi-plug extension lead.


2. An over the door shoe organiser

door organiser

No, not for shoes (although there is no saying they can't also be included) but all the other stuff you're taking with you - an absolute godsend for storing books/toys/hairbrushes etc when you're pushed for space. 


3. Fancy dress – yes, really

Pirate Fancy Dress

Quite often kids' clubs will run themed parties. If you don't want to be fashioning a pirate's outfit from a bikini and collection of napkins 20 minutes before it starts, pack some costume supplies


4. Walkie talkies


Lack of mobile signal out at sea means it can be tricky to summon children from elsewhere on ship for a rendezvous. For about £50 you can get walkie talkies which don't require a mobile network - younger kids will love the whole 'secret agent' vibe, too. 


5. Large pegs

You're sitting on a sunbed, book in hand, cocktail on table - blissfully relaxed. Then the evening breeze starts to pick up and your towel is flapping about all over the place. If only you had something to pin it down with. If only you'd brought along some large pegs.


6. Binoculars


Play the adventurous voyager lost at sea, or look for islands, whales or dolphins with a trusty pair of binoculars. The kids could even wear their fancy dress outfits and pretend to be swash-buckling pirates for the day.


7. A highlighter pen


Use highlighters to mark what you are interested in doing on the 'daily information' sheet and make a mini to-do-list. That way you won't miss out on any of the fun happening on board. 


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