9 tips that will significantly improve your family holiday 

Win at summer holidays with these canny tips from Mumsnetters.

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1. When it comes to packing, there are really only two things to remember

"Roll all clothing into tight cylinders. These take up less space and keep the clothes relatively wearable."

"Spread everyone's clothes out in different cases, in case - god forbid - one goes missing."

2. Nothing removes sand like talc - FACT

"Chuck a load on your feet to help brush off the sand that's stuck to them. Works like a charm."

"Tried talc on sand today... got a few weird looks but lo and behold, it did in fact work!"

3. Laugh in the face of a one-socket room with a multi-socket extension lead

"Sometimes you only get one plug socket in a room so it gets tricky when trying to plug in a mosquito repellent, iPad, phone charger, hair straighteners, camera battery... Take a short extension lead so you can plug in multiple appliances at once (with only one adaptor)."

Do be careful, though, not to overload a socket - and use the correct plug adaptor and, if needed, voltage converter.

4. A clean nappy is the perfect hiding place for your valuables

At the beach or pool and wondering what to do with your most precious possessions? Wonder no more. "Wrap all valuables such as wallets, phones etc in a clean nappy. Any potential thieves wouldn't think to look inside what they think is a dirty nappy."

Just be careful no one *helpfully* decides to do a bin run.

5. Hammam Towels are light-weight, fast drying - and double up as a sarong

"Five of them take up less space than one beach towel, and they dry so much more quickly!"

"DH was sceptical (to put it mildly) that they could replace a proper towel - but was absolutely won over!"

6. Crocodiles, balls and rubber rings - BYO 

"Take kids' inflatables with you, but new so they're flat-packed. Sooo much cheaper here than in the beach-front shops there."

7. A balloon is a handy way to track the DC

"When on a busy beach, tie a balloon onto your child's arm. They can play about and you can see where they are at a glance." 

Needless to say this doesn't replace being vigilant; you'll still need to keep a very close eye on your DC at all times. But this tip can help. 

8. Ziplock bags: the possibilities are endless

"You'll find a million uses for them on holiday: snack bag, emergency nappy bag, bag for wet swimming stuff after the beach, somewhere to keep 'leakable' things like suncream or mozzie spray, a rubbish bag, refillable water balloon for the adults to play with - the list goes on."

9. You will never regret buying a cool sleeve 

"Buy a cool sleeve for your water bottle. Keeps them cold for around four hours. We also take a small insulated lunch box with the gel (to freeze once there). Handy for all sorts of snacks you are carrying around." 

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Last updated: 4 months ago