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The perfect suitcase for every traveller

Whether you're on the hunt for a case which will last a lifetime, or carry-on luggage fit for a child, we've got the perfect suitcase for you. Now you just need to decide where to take it...

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The investment purchase: Samsonite, from £111.20

Samsonite consistently come up trumps for their durable yet lightweight suitcases. The four wheels and extra-light hard shell are handy features which make them easier to manoeuvre  down airport concourses or narrow streets. 

"The best cases are Samsonite Cosmolite - they aren't cheap but they last for years. I have had mine more than 10 years - they are still brilliant and get lots of use."

"I've had mine for over 20 years. They have been back for a couple of repairs, but still going strong after some serious abuse."

For short haul hops: Tripp, from £14 

Tripp's duffle bags and cabin cases get the thumbs up for their small-but-mighty capacity. They're guaranteed to get through the tightest cabin bag restrictions and are perfect for storing your summer clothes when you get back home. 

"We bought the extra light four-wheeled Tripp cases from Debenhams. They're so easy to use and hold loads, as they are all expandable."

"I have ditched the hard shells for Tripp duffle-on-wheel types. I now have four of the same size and they pack into each other. Brilliant both for storage and shopping expeditions."

When you've blown the budget on the holiday: IT Suitcases, from £26.99

If you've spent most of your budget on flights and hotels, the IT luggage range won't hit your wallet too hard. They come in a range of sizes and colours so you can kit out the family and still have some spare change for an ice cream at the beach. 

"We bought some of the IT world's lightest-type cases, for our trip to Australia. They fit in loads more than hard shell cases if weight is an issue. They were easy to wheel around, and came back looking brand new."

For the little ones: Trunki, from £27.99

Trunkis are ubiquitous at airports for a reason - they keep kids entertained, and make the sometimes lo-o-ong journey from lounge to gate a tad less exhausting for all concerned. The bright colours are cheery, and make small ones hard to miss in the midst of travel chaos. 

"I really recommend Trunkis for the little ones. Our seven year old and five year old still use theirs. It makes travelling through airports a breeze and they love packing them."

For an adventurous getaway: Berghaus Backpack, from £20

If you're heading off on an adventure, the last thing you need slowing you down is an unwieldy suitcase. Instead, sling your holiday wardrobe into a surprisingly roomy backpack and get on your way.

"I have a faithful Berghaus 65 + 10, which I've now used for 12 years, and it's fab. It's more than big enough for me. I can go up and down stairs, on and off buses, tuk tuks, trains, etc. with it, and never worry about uneven ground. Unless I pack it with bricks, it's almost impossible to get it to more than 24kg, which is a useful thing, too."

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Last updated: about 2 years ago