The 10 most fun family holiday destinations

12 January 2021

fun family holiday

Travel restrictions may still be in place, but there's no harm in dreaming of a post-Covid holiday. We asked Mumsnet users for their most fun family holidays, these were the destinations that came out on top (in order) - complete with favourite family moments. Read on to discover which ones made the list.

1. France

France family holiday

Whether you're camping in the Dordogne or heading direct to Disneyland, France has been confirmed as a firm family favourite by Mumsnet users. If you're heading from the UK, it's a convenient, not bank-breaking, guaranteed fun-for-all trip.

My most fun holiday was in France on a campsite where the kids made friends, there were water slides, a disco and a beach, and lots of amazing French food shops for me. But the fun parts on holiday come at unexpected times, too, like when you can't climb onto your child's giant inflatable in the pool without looking like a beached whale and when you find the hardest mini golf course ever.

My favourite holiday was the first time I took my son abroad as a single mum, we went to Disneyland Paris and the constant look of awe and excitement on his face made it priceless. I was on a tight budget and DS has SEN but it was such a fantastic time together.

2. Spain

Spain family holiday

Another European hit, Spain is ideal for both city breaks and relaxing beach holidays. Majorca is undoubtedly a good fit for families, meaning it can get pretty busy. If you fancy something a bit quieter, try its sister island Menorca – sea, sangrias (for you) and sunshine (mostly) still guaranteed.

We went on a TUI holiday to La Pineda in Spain and it was perfect with kids. Plenty for them to do. Felt nice and safe and plenty of excursions to PortAventura and Barcelona.

We wanted a short journey with the babies so we went to Majorca. In fact, it rained most of the week but the kids didn’t care one bit. We still went to the beach and the pool, ate great food, played and relaxed in our apartment, went to the playground, explored Palma and even managed the odd cocktail. We realised that holidays as parents would be different, but still fantastic. The children’s enthusiasm and complete disregard for what we as adults see as negatives (rain, long journeys, unforeseen circumstances) did not dampen their spirits one bit. That holiday taught me to see the world as my children do – exciting and full of opportunities for fun.

3. Florida

Florida family holiday

If you after a bit of a 'bigger' trip, Florida might well be the place for you. With its parks and sights to see a-plenty, no family member could complain of being bored.

Florida was our most fun holiday. My daughter was 10 at the time and had done her open water diving certificate in Egypt with me and we went diving at Epcot with the sharks, as well as the whole Harry Potter thing and the theme parks. It was exhausting but truly fabulous. And it's true about the Disney magic bringing out the child in them too!

A holiday to Disney World Florida. We stayed in Animal Lodge and it was wonderful to wake up and see giraffes, zebras and antelopes when we drew the curtains. Fantastic weather, rides and always unexpected characters round the corner. Even queuing for autographs seemed magical. Hope to go again.

4. Cornwall

Cornwall family holiday

Perhaps an unexpected 'most fun' holiday pick, it won't be for those who have been there. Mumsnet users have a lot of love for the so-called Cornish Rivieria, and for good reason.

Two weeks on a working dairy farm in Cornwall with a smuggler's hut and a private beach with loads of rock pools and caves was heaven for me as a kid.

Our best holiday was spent in Cornwall – lots of beach and wood walks, disconnecting from devices and reconnecting with each other!

Fun days at the outdoor pool at the holiday park, swimming in the sea and eating my very first Cornish pasty – I remember they were huge.

5. Greece

Greece family holiday

With over 200 islands to choose from, its no surprise that Greece is a top holiday destination – with culture and sunbathing opportunities for children and adults alike.

Our most memorable holiday was the first time we ever stayed in a villa in Greece. The villa was huge and the grounds were amazing. There were a friendly cockerel and some cats wandering about the gardens. Our own swimming pool felt like such a luxury. We had great fun exploring and sunbathing on the veranda with our feet up as if we owned the place… if only! We picked lemons from the garden and the whole time was idyllic.

We went to the same place every summer for at least 10 years. We got to know all the hidden coves and beaches. Little tavernas by the sea and azure blue waters to splash about in with the kids. Chasing the odd gecko out of the apartment in the evenings before the kids would go to bed and then a glass of chilled wine on the balcony.

6. Wales

Wales family holiday

Well-known for its mountains and wet weather , Wales also boasts some of the most stunning beaches Britain has to offer. In fact, The Gower Penisula in South Wales was the very first site in the UK to be crowned an 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty'.

When my children were young, we used to book a family room in a youth hostel in north Wales. We spent our days on local beaches or visiting the local zoos, animal farm, castles, slate mines and so on. The children loved the variety of activities, and thought it was hilarious to be told off for chasing the seagulls on the promenade!

We went to west Wales a few years ago. We got lucky, and seemed to have picked the only week of continuous good weather that summer. This meant lots of time playing on the beaches, taking walks, visiting castles. And having a very good time.

7. Lapland

Lapland family holiday

A very real yet magical place in northern Finland, Lapland is the perfect Christmas adventure.

Our best holiday was going to Lapland. We were incredibly busy doing different activities every day and exhausted by night time. The scenery was spectacular and different from anything we had experienced before. The weather was incredibly crisp and cold while the people we met there were warm and friendly.

A surprise trip to Lapland to see Santa. The girls thought they were going to the local play park to see him and were surprised when we woke them at 5am for a flight. The most magical time. A sleigh ride with huskies, a reindeer ride, a snowmobile and a visit to Santa in his workshop,

8. Italy

Italy family holiday

You don't have to be an art or ruins fan to enjoy Italy, but if you are, all the better for it. And for kids who might be more pre-occupied with their next meal than The Last Supper, there's food to please even the fussiest of eaters. All against a beautiful Mediterranean coastline backdrop.

Lake Gada was a good combination of warm weather, scenic places, great food and finishing with Gadaland amusement park which the kids loved.

Returning to the same holiday village for the last three years means that the feeling of family goes beyond just us. The owners know us by name and other guests return so it's like a big family every year. It's in southern Italy and my children are comfortable with everything that happens which, when they are small is so important.

9. Turkey

Turkey family holiday

For somewhere a bit further afield but not a super-lengthy flight (no more than five hours), Turkey is ideal. With its stunning clear waters and snorkelling spots, it's a must for water-babies.

We had a brilliant first family holiday with TUI in Turkey this year. The kids' swimming skills came on brilliantly and they even learned how to use snorkelling masks! The in-resort entertainment was really good and we got to watch a show together every night before their bedtimes.

Went to Turkey when DS was six months old – he had the most wonderful time swimming with his dad and playing in the sand every day. The locals were cooing over him everywhere we went. When we got back home we caught the holiday bug and booked another straight away.

10. Mexico

Mexico family holiday

A paradise of beaches and ancient culture, Mexico really is one of those trip-of-a-lifetime type places. The Riviera Maya boasts plenty of family-friendly resorts, with easy access to Playa del Carmen and the Tulum ruins.

Our favourite holiday was in Mexico, through TUI, staying at the Bahia Principe. It was one of those holidays where everything was perfect, beautifully sunny and sea like a warm bath. We snorkelled with giant wild turtles and the kids just loved it. We had a couple of day trips to explore the local ruins and do a bit of shopping. It's definitely my happiest holiday.

We went when my daughter was two and a half. We were all-inclusive and she tried lots of new foods, we also had unlimited access to Xcaret park which she loved, she enjoyed seeing all the new animals and plants. We also took her to Tulum and Chichen Itza which she was fascinated by, she still talks about the clapping bird temple months later (at Chichen you clap at the base of the temple and the sound coming back sounds like a bird call).

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