6 tips for coping when the clocks go forward

baby with clock

The snow showers and biting winds might be fooling you, but spring will be upon us sooner than you think, which means the clocks will leap forward to signal the start of longer, lighter, warmer (we hope) days. Hurrah! So to prepare you and your little ones for an hour less in bed, Mumsnetters have shared their top tips for managing the change like a pro.

You might want to prepare a routine in advance

sleeping baby

''I had my four-month-old in a routine a week before the clocks changed. It was bliss.''

Or perhaps you'll just wing it on the day


''I would leave Saturday bedtime as it is and change the clocks in the morning. During the day on Sunday, start shifting everything to the time shown on the clock eg lunch, dinner, bedtime.''

Your kids might finally get to stay up late

excited toddler

''You should keep them up late to break the cycle of waking in the middle of the night, and then gradually move their bedtime forward again.''

On the other hand…

crying toddler

''Go to bed earlier. There's bugger all you can do to stop them waking, and if you try and make them stay in bed they'll scream the house down.''

Get your supplies in early


''Blackout blinds are worth every penny at this time of year. If your DD has been sleeping 12 hours, then she almost certainly still needs to.''

And remember, it's never quite as bad as you think it's going to be


''In my experience, DD takes just over a week to adjust. I just get ready to go with the flow and
not stress.''

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