10 of the worst toddler terror moments

messy toddler

All the parenting books in the world can't prepare you for the chaos of life with a toddler. From the minute they start walking, everything is fair game – as these Mumsnetters know only too well

Leave fancy things lying around at your own peril


''My daughter and her best friend were caught pouring a whole set of expensive Clarins products down the loo.''

Or anything for that matter


''My child and his friends played trampoline on the baby's crib bed, thereby smashing all the wooden struts on the underneath part.''

Beware straying hands

broken scuplture

''My brother (who was known as 'The Whirlwind') swept a small Barbara Hepworth sculpture off a mantelpiece in a National Trust house when he was 18-months-old.''

Or you'll pay the price

toddler car

''My nephew cleaned his dad's lovely car with a Brillo pad and caused damage on every panel.''

They're especially dangerous when they gang together

hand covered in paint

''We went for a playdate with a few other kids when my daughter was small, and they decided that the host's cream bedroom carpet was the wrong colour – so the whole group got busy with a pot of paint to change it to purple.''

And they don't discriminate between your things, or anyone else's


''My toddler turned on the cooker while my friend was using it as a surface to put her laptop on. Worse still, she was borrowing it from someone else.''

There'll be times when you think they hate you

naughty toddler

''We're currently living with in-laws in a lovely house with stone floors and lots of expensive things. This morning, my son brought an old brass telescope on a big wooden tripod crashing down. I live on tenterhooks!''

Really, really hate you


''We were on a summer holiday at a family home and the exterior was being painted. A pot of paint was left unattended. My young cousin painted the car…a lot.''

Basically, nothing is safe


''My son climbed on a radiator at a friend's house and it came off the wall.''

Absolutely nothing

shocked toddler

''My toddler trampled sh*t through someone's newly carpeted house.''