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How to speak toddler: 21 more handy terms

toddler speak

Baffled by your little one's turn of phrase? Mumsnetters decode toddler speak.

1. 'Foot fingers'


In toddler, roughly translates as 'toes'.

2. 'Egg flowers'


Or as they're more commonly known, 'daises'.

3. 'Boob glasses'


Slightly questionable toddlerism for 'bra'.

4. 'Floor eggs'


Read 'stones'. See also 'egg flowers'.

5. 'The orange dark'

street lights

This rather poetic phrase refers to the 'glow of the street lights in winter'.

6. 'Ear beards'

side burns

Sounds more brilliant than it is, this means 'side burns'.

7. 'Sunny trousers'


Sound logic that's hard to argue with, this is a toddlerism for 'shorts'.

8. 'Lick the lids'


This is widely believed to refer to, among other things, 'yoghurt'.

9. 'Shrinkles'


Wrinkled hands after getting wet. Not to be confused with 'old shrinkles', which are everyday wrinkles you'd rather your child stopped pointing out.

10. 'The speed road'


The motorway. Often followed by 'speedy' noises.

11. 'Bee sits'


The superior name for 'flowers'.

12. 'The Snow Show'


An archaic term, rarely used today due to technological advancements, this relates to 'television static'.

13. 'The cheeky pops'

chicken pox

This sounds friendly but is in fact 'the chicken pox'.

14. 'Music sunglasses'


Literally taken, this is an invention we'd like to see. However, in this instance it simply means 'headphones'.

15. 'Dragged backwards towards a hedgehog'

messy hair

A derivative of the adult term 'dragged backwards through a hedge', this refers to 'messy hair'.

16. 'Your run bone is broken'


Means 'a stitch'. Doubles up as an excellent excuse to get out of going to the gym.

17. 'Lots of yesterdays ago'


Means 'ages ago'. E.g. 'When mummy was born'.

18. 'Rattlestones'


Sounds like the end of days, actually just 'hail'.

19. 'Hairy munters'

hairy munter

We've known a few… Hard to decipher, as usually whimpered between sobs, but commonly believed to mean 'scary monsters'.

20. 'Too tasty'


Usually wailed when presented with a food they don't want, this translates to 'spicy'.

21. 'Take a smile'

child with camera

A delightful term for 'take a photograph'.