How to speak toddler: 20 more handy terms

toddler girl

Enjoyed 42 words coined by creative toddlers? Here are more bonkers but charming toddler turns of phrase, carefully decoded by Mumsnetters

1. Boob glasses – bra

boob glasses

2. Ear beards – sideburns

3. Shrinkles – wrinkled hands and feet after getting wet

4. The cheeky pops – chicken pox

5. Foot fingers – toes

foot fingers

6. The speed road – the motorway

7. The orange dark – glow of the street lights in winter

8. Egg flowers – daisies

9. Sunny trousers – shorts

sunny trousers

10. Lick the lids – yoghurt

11. Floor eggs – stones

12. Music sunglasses – headphones

13. Bee sits – flowers

bee sits

14. Too tasty – spicy

15. Your run bone is broken – having a stitch

16. The Snow Show – television static

snow show

17. Lots of yesterdays ago – ages ago

18. Rattlestones – hail

19. Take a smile – take a photograph

20. Hairy munters – scary monsters

hairy monsters

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