11 things you can do that make your kids go 'WOW!'


Sometimes it's the little things that make your kids think you're amazing, sometimes it's astounding feats of skill and daring. Mumsnetters share the weird and wonderful tricks that keep their kids awestruck.

1. The very technical and complicated art of balancing


“My four-year-old is amazed that I can stand on one leg and not fall over.”

2. That 'pop' noise you can make with your mouth and finger


“At 10 he's marginally less impressed, but it served me well for many years.”

3. That simple and easy to repeat act of – wait for it – dropping the ball

ball drop

“Absolutely hilarious. Greatest thing ever.”

4. Getting dressed. Really.


“My DD says 'wow' when I put my clothes on after a shower in the morning.”

5. And at the other end of the scale – auditioning for Mastermind


“Being able to name around 99% of the '70s music DS puts on from the intro alone.”

6. Juggling (OK, so this one really is impressive)


“They are amazed I can do something they can't. So much so that I practice in secret now.”

7. Witchcraft hidden surprise cakes


“I made a cake with chocolates inside that spilled out when I cut the slices. That REALLY amazed them.”

8. That mothers are omniscient

fortune teller

“They are convinced I have eyes in the back of my head. All I can say is that a mirrored door is a wonderful thing to have on your microwave.”

9. And can even make preparing fruit look like an art form.


“Mine used to get very over-excited when I did the hedgehog thing when chopping up a mango. Those days are long gone, sadly.”

10. Being a quartermaster

shocked joey

“I have that incredible knack of knowing where everything in the house is.”

11. Actual magic, obviously.


“DH can make himself look like he's levitating an inch or two. The boys think it's amazing.”