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11 times kids have hit the nail on the head

Don't they know the truth hurts?

1. "My four-year-old called my breasts 'udders' yesterday."


2. "'Oh dear, Mum. I've got poo all over the toilet. But don't wory, we'll clean it next time we have visitors.'"

3. "Mum, when the sun shines like that, it glints on your moustache."


4. "You're not fat, just quite... 3D."

5. "Whilst rubbing my stomach: 'Mum, I love your wibbly-wobbly bits, they're so soft.'"


6. "Arriving at the in-laws, my toddler announces in stern satnav tones: 'You have reached your desperation.'"

7. "I needed to hide a large present from my husband one Christmas. DS (then three) says: 'Why don't you just put it by the washing machine? He never goes there.'"

Boy by washing machine

8. "He has started saying "Daddy's got big boobies" whenever DH has his top off."

9. "DH tells my four-year-old she doesn't need to take any more clothes on holiday. She replies, "A girl can never have too many clothes, Daddy."

beyonce saying no

10. "My son asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up." 

11. "DD: Mummy, why is your skin stripey?

        Me: Because I'm getting older. 

        DD: You'll die soon."

child with clock saying clocks ticking mum 


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