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Top 10 birthday gift ideas for toddlers

Toddlers are ridiculously hard to impress - but it can be done. Here are Mumsnetters' top suggestions for gifts to blow their socks off

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1. Wow Flip N Tip Fred, £21.99

This little recycling truck has lots of scope for inventive play, whilst also inspiring environmental AND gender equality awareness. A good toy by all accounts, then. 

"A sturdy, colourful, grinding, ratcheting, clicking recycling truck. Loads of movable parts. Comes with three little bins which fit in the holders and two little people who fit perfectly in the seats. One of the people is a woman, so added points for that - and no batteries required. Fantastic toy!"

2. Emma Bridgewater tea set, £33.99

Tea for two? Or maybe a teddy bears' picnic? A toy that has stood the test of time - you can't really go wrong with this one. 

"One of those things that gets used for years in different ways - with dolls, in the bath, for 'parties'..."

3. Table Dens, £19.99

These fit over tables and come in various styles - from a zoo, to outer space. It's hard to find a toddler who doesn't love hideaways - at least this way you'll know where they'll be.


"I have just received a zoo den that fits over my table - it is superb. My daughter jumped for joy upon seeing it when she came back from school."

4. Fire Kids' Edition tablet, £99.99

There's no question that toddlers these days possess remarkable (superior?) tech skills. This tantrum-proof tablet is designed with their safety in mind. 

"There are loads of educational and fun apps aimed at various ages, tonnes of books and tonnes of videos. There's also a two-year worry-free guarantee, so if anything does happen to the tablet at the hands of a rambunctious toddler, they will replace it with no questions asked." 

5. TOMY Megasketcher, £14.99

Brilliant for developing motor skills and creativity, this is clearly designed with toddlers in mind: infinitely erasable, with an unloseable pen handily attached by a string.


"My son received this as a gift when he was three. What I did not expect was that he'd still be taking it to bed with him now he's eight! We've drawn pictures on it, practised letters and words, used it for noughts and crosses ad nauseam, played hangman, and now it is used for a daily list of football fixtures and statistics." 

6. Brio road and rail travel set, £34.37

There are countless extensions for these sweet wooden sets. Watch out - apparently they're addictive for adults, too.  


"It starts off innocently enough, but soon you'll be thinking: if only we had some extra track/a three-way junction/a set of bridge supports. Inevitably your child develops their own ideas about all of this, and you find yourself pushed to one side."  

7. Cheetah Party Time bubble machine, £14.99

If you've ever seen a small child enthralled by a flurry of bubbles, you'll know why this is a great gift. If not - trust us.


"Creates loads of bubbles, and I mean LOADS!"

8. Duplo building blocks, various prices

They want to build a house and a car? A flying dog and an igloo? No problem - a box of blocks is brilliant for imaginative play.


"Brilliant and captivating! We bought my son this box for his birthday and he absolutely loves it - it's kept him busier than any other toy ever has. I love that it encourages his imagination and creative thinking." 

9. Aquadoodle mat, £17.60

Fill the pen with water, and magical masterpieces are a stroke away -  traceable letters and numbers sneak in some learning, too.


"My son received this at 18 months and he still loves playing with it aged three, with no sign of the novelty wearing off. Quick and easy to get out for play, no mess to clear up and it's reusable!"  

10. Horse Hopper, £13.90

A cute and quirky inflatable-jumping-contraption - what's not to like? It comes in different colours and is easy to clean when it inevitably becomes covered in mud. 

"Basically a space hopper but in the less traditional shape of a horse (you hold on to his/her ears!)" 

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Top 10 birthday gift ideas for babies

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